Beth  Tyson

Beth Tyson

Beth Tyson, MA, is an international childhood trauma consultant, acclaimed author, CASA volunteer, and co-chair of the PA Child Abuse Prevention Team. With a background as a family-based trauma therapist, she honed her expertise in stabilizing mental health crises within foster, kinship, and adoptive homes. Motivated by her therapeutic work, Beth founded Beth Tyson Trauma Consulting in 2019, to advocate for trauma-responsive care across various organizations. Her commitment to empowering communities led her to pen three best-selling books, including therapeutic resources for children like "A Grandfamily for Sullivan" and "Sullivan Goes to See Mama." Notably, she co-created the animated YouTube series "All Connected," offering valuable insights into trauma recovery for teens. Beyond her professional endeavors, Beth cherishes her role as a mother, instilling her daughter with a passion for skiing and a penchant for making positive waves in the world.