Betty Cornelius

Betty Cornelius is President and Founder of Cangrands National Kinship Support, a Canadian non-profit organization for kinship support. It’s a home on-line that welcomes grandparents and kinship families raising grandchildren or other family members. It helps them maintain or re-establish family ties. It answers questions on legal and health issues, and provides practical advice for kin raising children and grandchildren. In Canada kin, mostly grandmothers or aunts on low income, raise 62,500 children. Little support exists for the children, many of whom have suffered neglect and abuse. But for kin caregivers, support is even less. Betty’s own story tells of hardship and sorrow. But, she says, Asheleigh, for whom she is grandma, is worth every cent I spent and every stress I suffered. She is safe with us, smart, not one bit shy and even her heart condition has improved. I am blessed to be entrusted with this lovely child, truly she is my life! View Betty’s work at