Sherry Johnson

Sherry Johnson has adopted three granddaughters who have been with her for ten years. They came into her care through the courts in the State of Hawaii which removed them from their parents and placed them in foster care. Their biological parents’ rights were terminated and rescinded in 2000. Her daughter is the girls’ birth mother. The girls were exposed to drugs and alcohol prenatally. They had been severely abused and neglected by both parents, and by the foster care parents while in State custody. Sherry’s experience includes working with children and caring for them. It includes her life as a parent, former foster parent, step-parent, juvenile probation and parole officer, and all-round guardian. Her goal throughout is to assure the children of their rights. Through the concept of Kinship Care, she says, those who are entrusted with the care and nurturing of children within their own families are finding a greater voice both as advocates for the children and each other.