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Klaus Heinemann

Dr. Klaus Heinemann was born in Germany and emigrated to the United States after the Second World War to work as a scientist and physicist. The process of spiritual discovery later became the focus of Klaus' life in the early 1970ies, when he and his wife attended classes and seminars led by the late Dr. Harry and Emilia Rathbun. Their work focused on the mission and book by the late Dr. Henry Burton Sharman, Jesus as Teacher. The Rathbun's own lives' demonstration that the messenger must be congruent with the message has left a life-changing impression on Klaus. Other spiritual teachers who profoundly impacted Dr. Heinemann's life include the Rev. Dr. Ron Roth, who, perhaps more convincingly than any other teacher he had encountered at the time, emphasized that even the most profound teaching has but little impact on a person's personal growth unless it sinks from the level of the mind to the level of the heart. In his book, "The Orb Project," co-authored with Dr. Miceal Ledwith he discusses digital photographs that contain clear and irrefutable evidence of phenomena that cannot be explained on the basis of conventional physics.