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Miceal Ledwith

Dr. Miceal Ledwith was ordained a Catholic priest in 1967, was a professor of theology for sixteen years, and for the ten years following that, a College President. His research interests had always been in the fundamental areas of religious belief, seeking answers to the "Four Great Questions" as he liked to call them: "Who am I? Where do I come from? What should I do? and where am I going?" After the fall of the Soviet Union when communications improved between Western Europe and the former Soviet bloc countries, he discovered that more than 70% of the population in central and Eastern Europe had no allegiance to any form of religious organization whatsoever. In his series of DVDs, of which The Great Questions in the Hamburger Universe is the first, he starts to put words on the problems most thinking people have found with the traditional proposals about God, religion, and human destiny. It is intended to chart a different course for human hopes and aspirations, based on the deepened and improved insights into the nature of reality recognized today. The series will serve as an introduction to some of the ideas more extensively explored in his forthcoming book Forbidden Truth.