Roxanne Davis

Roxanne Davis describes herself as the stay-at-home mom of two great kids. Hayley is her 14 year old. She’s an amazing girl who’s musically talented, and very helpful and loving to her brother, Mason. He is 11 and has profound autism, diagnosed at the age of 3. He’s received intensive therapy since. He, too, is an amazing child. Though he’s limitedly verbal he reads and can surf the web better than his mom, says Roxanne. He received his second service dog, Dublin, in January 2010 when his first dog, Zeus, retired. Dublin goes to school with him, where they are in grade five. They are doing amazingly well together. His dogs have allowed us to be an active normal family, she says, because we were locked in before he got them. We never took him out to restaurants or camping or on holidays. Now we enjoy all those things. I am extremely grateful to Dog Guides, she says, for helping keep Mason in our home and taking stress out of our family by providing us with a third parent, Dublin.