Hastings Saunders

Hastings Saunders is an exceptionally bright 9 year old boy with epilepsy. When medication didn't help much his seizures, and the side effects took over his personality, his mother, Sandra Saunders, a special education teacher, looked for alternatives. In April 2010, through the Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides, she found Manny. He’s a seizure response dog guide trained by Canada Dog Guides. Since then, says Sandra, Hastings’ seizures have drastically reduced. Because he’s so grateful to the Lions Foundation for this special gift he is doing everything he can to give back to the Foundation. He’s created a movie about his story, which is shared at service-club meetings. He’s also raised over $800 for the Purina Walk for Dog Guides in the hope that other people will be able to have the same opportunities to benefit from seizure response dog guides as he’s done.