Morgan  Fawcett

Morgan Fawcett

Morgan Fawcett was diagnosed at 15 with FASD's. He researched ARBD's and ARND's, talked to professionals and educators about FAS, 7 months later announced that he wanted to make a difference by bringing education and awareness to the youth about FAS. He has done that and more for the last 3.5 years. He has hosted concerts in Juneau, AK for International FAS Day, held a three day event in Murfreesboro, AR. Morgan has gifted over 500 Native American Flutes to at-risk youth and developmentally challenged individuals. To date he has spoken at over 150 events and schools. He brings his music and his story to all that will listen. Morgan is on the board of First Nations Composer Initiative, Tobacco Coalition and Task Force. He is a recipient of the First Nations Composer Initiative Grant and has been honored with a Citation for his work by the Alaska State Legislature. Morgan's three CD's help him continue on with his work. You can find him at Pow Wows, Schools, Health Fairs, Drug and Alcohol rehabs, Homeless shelters and many more. He will be attending College of the Siskiyous in 2011 as his schedule will allow.