Kathy Kastner

Kathy Kastner is Founder, Editor and Publisher of Ability4Life.com. She launched it in February 2010 to meet a need: information gaps faced by adult children caring for aging parents. With its monthly traffic increasing exponentially, Ability4Life has garnered keen interest. Prior to Ability4Life.com, she pioneered North America’s premier and award-winning hospital-based health education television networks, The Parent Channel® and Healthtv™. These networks broadcast health information to patients and healthcare professionals in the largest top-ranked teaching hospitals across North America. As CEO and chief strategist, she grew the service from a 45-bed pilot to an international, multi-talented organization, reaching more than 21,000 beds. She’s an invited speaker and participant at healthcare conferences and health forums. She’s conducted workshops, lectures and plenary sessions at respected international healthcare communications symposia in Canada and the US.