Estée Klar

Estée Klar is founder and executive director of The Autism Acceptance Project She’s the mother of a young autistic son, Adam. She is a writer and a curator of art by profession, and a graduate student of Critical Disability Studies at York University. For her, art is the best way to present some of the more pressing and thought-provoking issues for autism, such as human rights, inclusion, art and writing, which she lectures on at universities and organizations throughout North America. She began this work when she noticed that autistic people are so often missing from committees in schools, workplaces, and community programs. She saw the need to change some perspectives on autism. She spent time traveling across North America to meet autistic self-advocates and their families. She began the Autism Acceptance Project to support autistic individuals to advocate for themselves so that they receive the accommodations they need to contribute to society as they are.