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Don Chapman

Don Chapman Founder of Lost Canadians Vancouver-born lost his Canadian citizenship when, while he was a child, his father moved south of the border and became a U.S. citizen. Mr. Chapman's identity was rooted in his father's citizenship, regardless of his mother's. After years of fighting to have his Canadian citizenship restored, and for the rights of thousands of other so-called Lost Canadians who found themselves jilted by immigration law vagaries, Mr. Chapman won his battle. The government enacted a bill that allowed the majority of Lost Canadians to reclaim citizenship, but suffers still from reluctance to fully enforce the law across many cases. Don Chapman has spent twenty years devoting his life to supporting the bill and those people still unable to fulfill the dream of returning home to a country where citizenship is denied. John Reynolds Member of the Queen's Privy Council, The Honorable Marlene Jennings MP, Deputy House Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada and Andrew Teledgi MP Former Chairman of the Citizenship Committee in the House of Commons.