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Michael W. Lynch

Michael W. Lynch was born in Pennsylvania in 1959 living in Cleveland Ohio until the age of ten. He became fascinated with Business success stories and Entrepreneurial ventures and believed in these pursuits as the American Way. He was recruited onto the John Glenn’s Presidential campaign and traveled with Astronaut John Glenn in what became a prestigious opportunity and life experience. In 1991 he married his wife Kimberlee and later had two daughters Shannon and Paige. He purchased Michigan Avenue Partners before establishing McCook Metal's Group. Mr. Lynch was removed as Chairman of McCook Metals on September 7th, 2001. A year later he won the case against GE Capital. McCook assets were sold to a French company Pechiney who in turn sold the assets to Alcoa. The McCook plant was eventually shut down. In 2002, upon reviewing evidence that his on law firm conspired with GE to take his companies away, he sued Seyfarth Shaw for $226 million dollars in damage. This lawsuit was to change his life forever.