Bill  MacPhee

Bill MacPhee

Bill MacPhee appears on the ‘One Hour at a Time’ radio show to discuss “Living with Schizophrenia”, his advocacy work in the mental health field, and the creation of Magpie Publishing, Inc. Since Magpie’s debut in 1994, Bill has prided himself on his work as a mental health advocate to help those who struggle with schizophrenia, just as he once did. In addition to producing SZ Magazine & Anchor Magazine, Bill travels throughout North America to give inspirational talks about how he pulled himself from the depths of depression to become the successful businessman, husband and father he is today. Bill is also the focus of Canadian film maker Mark Ashdown’s 2009 film, Life After Mental Illness: The Story of Bill MacPhee, which not only highlights Bill’s life with schizophrenia, but the stigma attached to the illness as well.