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Lori Baker

Many Arizona businesses are turning to barter organizations to offset costs by trading products and services with a network of other companies. You may have heard some recent buzz! If you think that barter is only for small transactions, you’re in for a big surprise! Lori will share how she, and her over 400+ members, can help you benefit from belonging to The Barter Group, a Scottsdale-based organization. Barter eliminates the limitations of one-on-one trading, where each business must want what the other one has to offer, and must have what the other one needs. We simplify the process to a dollar value that can be earned and spent with any other member in the exchange system. Lori will save you time, money and provide examples of the types of goods & services that members trade daily! Lori is waiving nearly $500 in fees for listeners who sign their businesses up as Barter Group members this week! Tell them 6° sent you! Connect to Lori at 480-443-0322 |