J. E.  Williams

J. E. Williams

J. E. Williams, author of five books including The Andean Codex and doctor of Oriental and naturopathic medicine, has studied health, longevity, and sustainable living for over 35 years. A leader in Integrative Medicine (which promotes the most appropriate, safe, and effective therapy for individual and public health), James strives to join science and natural healing. The eco-spiritual path he follows emphasizes balanced emotions, ethical discipline, wholesome conduct, and thoughtful discernment. He has lived with Siberian Eskimos and Q’ero Indians and studied with Yogis and Taoists to learn health concepts not taught in medical schools. The idea of Green Medicine—sensible and sustainable healthcare that includes the best of science and nature—was born when James presented the first paper on the concept at an international conference in 1998 in Havana, Cuba. He lives in Sarasota, Florida, but spends much of his time in the Peruvian upper Amazon and the Andes among indigenous shamans.