Dr. Darren  Wayne

Dr. Darren Wayne

My father passed away when I was ten years old. I was raised by my mother who taught me every day about food, and not only what to eat, but also exactly how to read labels on food products, so I could decide if it truly is healthy or not. I became very proficient at reading vitamin labels, too. Fast forward to present day and already I have spent over twenty years helping thousands live longer, healthier lives by teaching about the benefits of organic food. With the growing popularity of eating organic, still most people believe organic is just the same as other food and this is what junk food manufacturers want us all to think, which is why only drugs and junk food are advertised, never organic food. Organic Panic reveals the often unnoticed benefits of eating organic food and how the benefits of eating organic food are constantly being suppressed. You need to know this, because now in the 21st century, drugs are depended on more than food itself!