Sarah Rowan

Sarah Rowan holds the Bachelors and Masters degrees in elementary education. She is a sister, mother, grandmother and friend. She was born into nurturing. In war, strong women of her family stayed behind to manage the land, and love and support one another. Her mama cared for her uncle as a wounded veteran with lingering injuries. When she was 11 years old, her father was killed in a motor vehicle accident. Mama, her extended family and community provided the love when daddy was no longer there. Experienced in family caregiving from an early age, Sarah lived what she believed. “Living the belief” was the strength for her support for her physician husband as he slipped into Alzheimer’s disease. It was the strength for her as she survived her breast cancer. And it is there in the messages she brings to audiences world-wide, messages of hope and faith and beauty and dignity, messages as distinct and compelling -- and yet as gentle and personal as a whisper. Sarah is the Heart Whisperer.