Alan  Smith

Alan Smith

Necessity really is the mother of invention. When the Mayo Clinic didn’t have a cure for my health problems I turned to complementary and alternative therapies. It was hard for me to believe that modern medical science didn’t have the answer to every problem, but I was living proof that mainstream medicine has limits. As a Baby Boomer I’m used to my generation changing America at every stage of our life so why should aging be any different? I knew that the current medical situation needed to change too. There had to be a way to solve my health problem and I was willing to try anything. More than two decades of weekly traveling and working in a dying industry had taken a toll on my health but slowly it began to improve along with my outlook on life. As each day got a little better I wanted to share my discoveries about all of the wonderful health options that are available today. Fortunately my journalism degree from the University of Missouri and years of media experience gave me the confidence to tackle the challenge of a new health book.