Dr. Lee  Coyne

Dr. Lee Coyne

Dr. Coyne is a former Professor of exercise physiology and nutrition and the nutrition coach to many high performance athletes including several Canadian Olympic teams. (Tanya Dubnicoff, Olympic cyclist, Michelle Morton, Olympic speed skater, several Olympic Biathletes, skiers and hockey players, Jamie Clarke, Everest Summitier) and successful “Empty Quarter desert expedition leader. He was the nutrition coach for Neil Runions who completed the “Bad Water” 135 mile ultra-marathon in Death Valley in August of 2006 an 2007. He is the President of Lean Seekers International, and he is the nutrition coach for the endurance program “Critical Speed”. He has also produced numerous video presentations and educational audio albums. Lee conducts seminars and workshops all over North America and is a frequent guest on radio and television See more at http://www.leanseekers.com