Debbie Sirota

Debbie Sirota is a single parent of four daughters. Her daughter Tamara, age 24, lives with schizophrenia. Tamara was diagnosed while in the Remand Centre, following a Protection Order advised by her then psychiatrist who diagnosed Tamara’s psychotic state as "bad personality". She’s experienced Tamara’s almost dying by walking away in 50 below weather without shoes. She’s Tamara's Substitute Decision Maker under the Vulnerable Persons Act for her health and financial affairs. She’s navigated many systems such as Justice, Forensics, Mental Health and Supported Living. She’s studying at the University of Manitoba’s Faculty of Social Work and she works full-time as a nursing assistant in major hospital’s ER. She sits on the Winnipeg Regional Community Mental Health Advisory Council, Continuity Care Advisory Council, and she’s a volunteer at The Schizophrenia Society and Shilom Mission. She says that she has learned advocacy from the best, and this has changed forever who she is.