Andre Julian

Andre Julian is the Sr. Market Strategist at OpVest Wealth Management in Irvine, CA. OpVest specializes in alternative investment strategies that strive to give clients proper asset allocation using a proprietary model that spreads portfolio allocation across separate asset classes. Mr. Julian has built an impressive list of accomplishments in the financial industry including: co-authoring several educational books on trading strategies, becoming a regularly featured analyst on investment radio and TV, and actively writing educational and analytical articles related to investing. Mr. Julian is registered as a Series 3 commodities broker, CTA with the CFTC and NFA, and RIA with FINRA. Mr. Julian’s 14 years of investment experience have made him well-versed in fundamental and technical analysis of the commodities and equity markets, risk management, asset allocation, compliance and economics. He focuses on helping investors by passing his extensive knowledge to investors.