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Mike Burns

MIKE BURNS is a partner in BWB Solutions, LLC, located in Branford CT. This organizational consulting group provides planning and management advice to organizations that are striving to achieve both financial and social goals through strategic and business planning and board management. Working with transitioning to a new CEO in both pleasant and difficult situations, he is able to monitor and assist in the hiring process to obtain the right fit for the organization. With practice in the field, Mike's previous experience has been as executive director of several nonprofit human service organizations, including a primary health care clinic serving low-income individuals. He served as an adjunct professor of management at UConn School of Social Work and Cambridge College. Burns has published many articles such as: The 7 Warning Signs that Something May Not Be right in Your Nonprofit in ePhilanthropy Journal, and, The Organizational Life cycle and How It Affects Your Board, a four part series in the New England nonprofit quarterly. He currently serves on the board of Alliance for Nonprofit Management.