Douglas  Splittgerber, CPT

Douglas Splittgerber, CPT

Debra Corbo, BS, PT, CPT. and Douglas Splittgerber, CPT. have combined their two knowledge bases and two entirely different paths of learning which has resulted in the understanding that they share about the human body and how we, as human beings, were designed to function. They have been honing their understanding of human function and developing the methods and techniques that make up The Alignment Resistance Training Method of stretching and strengthening. In their 50’s they have no arthritis or back pain and they still have levels of strength and muscle that exceed most 20 year olds. They live what they teach people to do and put themselves up as extreme examples of what the human body can do despite serious complications. As they always say, "our body does not wear out from use, it wears out from abuse". The decision is up to each one of us about how we age and the quality of live we have.