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Ron Salazar

RON SALAZAR is the CEO of MR2. He has run a successful technology firm for over 15 years and serves as a solutions specialist and a general manager to a full-service network integration company with over a decade of experience in a highly competitive technology industry. MR2 Solutions was established since 1995 to serve the Southern California market including small business, mid-enterprise as well as government agencies, education and non-profit organization. MR2 offers a full range of unsurpassed integration, support and professional services crucial to the success of our clients' businesses. MR2 strives to provide reliable and readily available information systems supported by a well-designed network infrastructure. MR2 helps companies become more profitable by designing and implementing a reliable, stable and secure network architecture -- allowing their clients to respond faster to their customers, improve the quality of their products and services, and reduce internal IT cost. Understanding how to build and maintain corporate information systems is what MR2 Solutions, Inc. has been providing businesses for many years. Salazar, a Business Technologist, assists companies to architect and streamline their network infrastructure by: providing data consolidation solution with iSCSI SAN technology; reducing server footprint by server virtualization using Dell Server Technology and VMWare; providing an efficient "Data Center" design solution; and other services.