Dr. Nikki  Lang

Dr. Nikki Lang

Dr. Lang was born into this world destined to be a maverick. Although her parents couldn't afford to send her to college, she went anyway, paying her own way through Temple University. She married in her last year of college and gave birth to her first child, followed two years later by her second. Three years later when her marriage failed, she retained custody of her children and entered medical school as a single mother. When she finished her training, she started her own family practice in Center City Philadelphia in 1981. She was named one of the best physicians in the United States by Ladies Home Journal, Town and Country, and Top Doctors. Dr. Lang wrote her first book, A Novel Diet, as an extension of her desire to teach, and like the rest of her life, it was unconventional. Publishers told her, "We only publish fiction!" or "We only publish nonfiction!" "I wouldn't know how to market it!" said another publisher. Of course, that didn't stop her.