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Doug Walker

DOUG WALKER is the creator of the A-ha! Performance Map of Intrinsic Motivation Management Points and the accompanying set of Leadership and Management Applications for preventing, solving and recovering from personnel challenges. He is the author of A-ha! PERFORMANCE: Building & Managing A Self-Motivated Workforce™ (Wiley, July 2007). A highly sought after key-note speaker, trainer, executive coach, and human capital management consultant. Doug is widely recognized as a leading expert in intrinsic motivation management. Doug established his initial model more than 10 years ago. It continues to prove extremely powerful in helping leaders and managers understand that they can only influence and inspire, not control their employees into optimal performance. As leaders and managers evolve their paradigm from a belief in external controls, to an understanding of internal controls, they discover an array of tools and applications that are so effective they not only produce desired results, they reduce stress for both manager and employee.