Noralyn Smiley

Noralyn Smiley is a senior who is family caregiver for her mother. Noralyn was born in Santa Ana California. She lived for two years in Maryland, Inglewood for nine years, Long Beach for one year, and moved to Vancouver in 1973. In 1958 she graduated, with honors, from the University of California at Berkeley. Her subject was Sociology. In 1993, she earned the Masters in Education from the University of British Columbia, her subject was special education. She’s taught pre-school, elementary school, and completed 25 years working with children who have learning disabilities. Her experience includes studying at the Cuernavaca Language School in Cuernavaca, Mexico, and working with the church her husband was pastoring through the issues of the 60’s – racism, justice for farm workers, civil rights, women’s issues, and the Viet Nam war. Her father died in 1994. Her mother moved to Canada in 2001.