Kathleen  O’Bannon

Kathleen O’Bannon

Kathleen O’Bannon is the author of 10 books on nutrition and natural foods. She believes that many dis-eases can be overcome by eating breakfast within the first half hour of getting up. She has developed line of supplements which has helped people get relief from ovarian and uterine cancer, liver cancer, MS, lupus, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, herpes, cold and flu, and even psoriasis. She is an international media personality with 30 years of TV and radio appearances as well as thousands of newspaper and magazine articles written by Kathleen. She has had thousands of articles written about her and has appeared on all the major Canadian TV morning shows demonstrating natural foods and cosmetics. Kathleen has a passion for helping people to better health and writes books and does media interviews, and speaking engagements to help promote health and healthy eating habits For information on Kathleen O’Bannon, please visit: www.healthalive.net