Claus Vogt

Claus Vogt is the author of the new book “THE GLOBAL DEBT TRAP,” and editor of “Sicheres Geld,” the first and largest-circulation contrarian investment letter in Europe. Although the publication is based on Martin Weiss’ Safe Money, Mr. Vogt has provided new, independent insights and amazingly accurate forecasts that, in turn, have contributed great value to Safe Money itself. He is also the editor of the German edition of Weiss Research’s International ETF Trader, which has delivered overall gains (including losers) in the high double digits. Mr. Vogt is the co-author of the German bestseller, Das Greenspan Dossier, where he predicted, well ahead of time, the sequence of events that have unfolded since, including the U.S. housing bust, the U.S. recession, the demise of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and the financial system crisis. In addition to being the editor of Million-Dollar Contrarian Portfolio, his analysis and insights appear regularly in Money and Markets.