Jocelyn  Kung

Jocelyn Kung

Join host Maureen Kedes with special guest Jocelyn Kung, President of The Kung Group (TKG). TKG works with the globe’s top business leaders teaching them how to drive corporate success by maximizing human effectiveness and eliminating behavioral road blocks -- resulting in healthy companies with markedly higher earnings. Kung will discuss why CEOs at Fortune 500 companies such as: Cisco, Oracle, Apple, Levi Strauss, Genentech, Microsoft, Adobe, Shutterfly, & LexisNexis have become TKG devotees. Other topics on the show will be TKG's proprietary teachings including: Executive Team Design; Development & Coaching; Organizational Assessment; Change Management; Strategic Meeting Design & Facilitation; Leadership & Management Training; and TKG’s latest offering: the KOPI Survey, which is quickly becoming corporate America’s barometer of business health.