Bev Mahone

Bev Mahone has nearly 30 years’ experience as a radio and television news journalist, including ABC NEWS and NBC NEWS. She’s a radio talk show host, author, and motivational Speaker. She describes herself as a Baby Boomer with A LOT to say. After her years of being in a controlled radio and television news environment, she now feels free to tell it like it really is. With her life as an African-American baby boomer female entrepreneur she’s plenty of stories to share. With all the knowledge and experience she’s gained from her broadcasting career she’s reinventing herself to give back by helping people learn what it takes to get noticed by the media and to prepare for a successful interview. She tells us that she’s also a wife, mother and grandmother dealing with issues like aging, menopause, transition, stress, divorce, second chances, new opportunities, transformation, racism, sexism, mortality … and grandparent family caregiving.