Pat Montgomery

Pat Montgomery is author, radio talk show host, and blogger. She’s a Registered Nurse, a business owner, a speaker and a trainer. She’s a mother of 3, a stepmother of 2, and a grandmother of 12. And she’s also a certified paranormal investigator. One of her books grew from something she was writing for her children. This was a list of things she learned as she raised them. When the list got to about 25 pages, she realized it was going to be a book of parenting advice distilled from her own experiences. She says that her talk show gives her the opportunity to pass on parenting advice and timely information from people who she says are much smarter than her. She also says that the idea of being a grandma scared her—the question “am I old enough to be a grandma?” bothered her. But she now sees the life of grandmother and grandparent family caregiver as a stage, like all the other stages in life. It is wonderful stage, she says.