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Daniel A

Daniel A's fascination with erotic hypnosis came from the stories he read and the movies he saw in his youth. Mr. A experimented with meditation and hypnosis. By combining hypnotic suggestion with a sensual feather-like touch, he found that he could strip away inhibitions, amplify desires and give incredible pleasures. Professionally, Daniel A is a technical writer. Rather than take formal hypnosis training, he traded writing skills to a few local hypnotists in exchange for mentoring. Mr. A has written for members of the Positive Adjunctive Health Through Hypnotherapy Foundation. He followed up on his own by studying Neurolinquistic Programming and creative writing. Currently he divides his free time between developing Hypnotic Dreams, excercising, reading, writing, philosophy, and learning classical guitar (which you can hear on several of the recordings). For Daniel A, crafting stories of erotic hypnosis is a facet of a very personal life. This is one of the reasons why Mr. A prefers to maintain his mystery persona. Mr. A would like listeners to envision their own 'perfect man' while listening to the recordings and not be influenced by his image.