Dr. Bill  Code

Dr. Bill Code

At 42, Dr. Code was at the height of a successful and challenging career in Anesthesiology when a Neurologist diagnosed the symptoms that had plagued him for fifteen years as progressive Multiple Sclerosis, an autoimmune disease where the immune system attacks the central nervous system, often resulting in severe pain and neurological deterioration. It was not until 1997, while attending a conference entitled Complimentary & Alternative Medical Choices for Multiple Sclerosis that Dr. Code began to have hope. Dr. Code began to investigate the integration of organic foods, vitamins supplements and other holistic wellness regimens to facilitate his healing process. It was his own progression over the next few months that drove Dr. Code’s passion in Integrative Medicine, an approach to medicine that encompasses both conventional treatments but also combines natural medicine paradigms. As an acclaimed speaker and author, Dr. Code has authored numerous books. www.DrBillCode.com