David  Tippie

David Tippie

David Tippie is a Nature-O-Path as well as a medical and natural to the body researcher for the past 30 years. David opened his research and development center in Tamarac Florida in 2001; his wife Stephanie joined him in 2003. David Tippie is the Author of Collapse of Drugs, due to wellness and President of the Anti-Aging Clinic Assoc. Inc. David Tippie attended the school of passion for the past 30-years and has lived his passion for equally as long, Health and wellness is not offered by any professor in some school. Because David may have sit in front of a professor in his past life, this does not give the professor the right to take a bow for David's studies, which his research and his lifetime of passion for helping people solve their health issues provided. For more information on David, please visit: www.LiveLonger123.com