Harry van Bommel

Harry van Bommel is Executive Director, Legacies Inc, and President, PSD Consultants. He has a special interest in advocating for more and better safeguards for vulnerable persons who are in the care of healthcare facilities. Through his collaborative project, NavCare, he helps families who so often are overwhelmed as they navigate the health care system. He holds a Master’s degree in adult education. He’s the author of 40 books and a sought-after speaker on caregiving in home and long-term care, hospice palliative care, family and caregiver grief, and spiritual care. He’s an advocate for patient care focused on the whole family and centered within the community. He employs his expertise in helping families to get the care they need for multiple health challenges, to coordinate home care and hospital care under complex conditions, to make decisions in a crisis, to cross language and cultural barriers, and to find the care they want. He can be reached at harry@legacies.ca