Raffi  Cavoukian

Raffi Cavoukian

Raffi Cavoukian, known to millions as Raffi, is a renowned songwriter (“Tweet Me Right”) and Founder of Child Honouring (http://childhonouring.org/). A recipient of the Order of Canada and the United Nations’ Earth Achievement Award, Raffi has honorary degrees from UVIC and UBC. A generation saw him perform Down by the Bay and Baby Beluga. Now adults,“Beluga grads,”tell him that they are raising their children with his music. Raffi is a passionate advocate for a child’s right to healthy environments. He has become a “global troubadour”, lecturing and networking to help create a viable future: a restorative, child-friendly world for us and for those to come. His new works are: Child Honouring: How To Turn This World Around; a cd: Resisto Dancing and Communion, and dvd: Raffi Renaissance, Raffi's commitment in word and song to the world's children. Raffi comes to the world stage as a catalyst for change at a defining point in human history—with an idea whose time has come.