Sholom Glouberman

Sholom Glouberman is founding President of the Patients’ Association of Canada. He is also Philosopher in Residence at the Kunin Lunenfeld Applied Research Unit of Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care, and an adjunct at the University of Toronto. He has a BA from McGill and a PhD in Philosophy from Cornell University. He gained much of his experience in the health field at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal and the King’s Fund in London, England. He became an advisor to doctors, nurses and managers in Canada and internationally. He has produced various innovative management programs. He directed the health policy think tank at the Canadian Policy Research Networks. He has spoken widely in Europe, North America and Australia. His publications focus on complex health systems, health in cities, health care reform and the health care experience. He is currently hard at work on the nature of patient engagement in health care systems. His web site is