Kauley  Jones

Kauley Jones

Kauley Jones is President of PCI a national medical development company. With over 2o years in the medical field Kauley is an expert in researching the best in cutting-edge evidence based services. Prior to establishing PCI, Kauley was Vice President of Sales and Marketing for an international specialty diagnostic laboratory. This expertise lead to the development of the PCI STEP Plan which is transforming the addiction medicine field by improving client outcomes. Kauley is no stranger to the addiction medicine field as she personally spent 5 months in a residential rehab in the 1980’s. Kauley has a passion to see every individual in recovery have access and receive benefit from the information and services in the PCT STEP plan. Kauley has been a speaker at the ILI Practice Development Conference, the IPC Conference, the 2010 HealthCare Conference and the recent Evolution of Treatment: An Experiential Conference facilitated by The National Institute for Holistic Addiction Studies. Kauley also currently serves on HealthMax medical advisory board. To contact Kauley Jones please email info@pciSTEPplan.com or go to www.pciSTEPplan.com