Jenny McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy burst on the scene in a September 2007 appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show and the autism world has never been the same. Her personal story of her son Evan’s descent into autism and ultimate recovery crashed Oprah’s servers as thousands of moms and dads around the country jumped online to tell the similar stories of their own children. Through meeting thousands of parents around the country, Jenny quickly came to a realization: her story is the same story being told in neighborhoods all over America. In 2008, she proudly became President of Generation Rescue, dedicated to recovery for children with autism spectrum disorders by providing guidance and support for medical treatment to directly improve the child’s quality of life for all families in need. She is honored to be part of this international movement of scientists, physicians and families. Jenny has authored three New York Times best-selling books on autism including Louder than Words, Mother Warriors and Healing and Preventing Autism: A Complete Guide. Jenny resonates with so many because she speaks a simple truth, “There are things you can do to ease autism. My story is about hope.” But Jenny also makes it her mission to help parents remember to care for themselves as they fight the big fight to help their children with autism.