John  Abdo

John Abdo

John Abdo is regarded around the world as a true authority on life motivation, health, fitness and athletic conditioning. As a former Olympic coach, John trained numerous Olympic and World-Class athletes, including Bonnie Blair, multiple Gold Medal recipient. Recently inducted into the National Fitness Hall of Fame, John has appeared on literally thousands of television and radio shows reaching millions of households globally, and establishing himself as one of the most visible motivational educators’ for legions of athletes and fitness enthusiasts. You might be familiar with John from seeing him on television promoting his Award-Winning inventions, like The AB-DOer®, which is owned by over 3 million people in 87 countries and has received many prestigious international awards. John’s newest releases include the Fitness Done Quickly™ DVD series, Make Your Body a Fat Burning Machine™ book and DVD set, the No Excuses Workout™ DVD, and Vital Living From the Inside-Out™. The most controversial creation from John to date is his newly released doctor-endorsed book entitled Ultimate Sexual Health & Performance ™. This ground-breaking book is a complete sexual-health system that reveals how all men and women can both boost and/or restore hormonal integrity and enhance sexual vitality, at any age. Ultimate Sexual Health & Performance™ is complete with a 10-seminar audio CD called the Potency Protocol™ that reveals more hormone-boosting sex-enhancing tips. At 54 years young, John is an empowering and prolific teacher, mentor, success-coach, writer, speaker, and inventor who promotes a myriad of healthy principles for achieving success in all areas of personal and professional life. If only one word was needed to describe John Abdo, it would be Dynamic!