VeraSage Symposium: Day 2 Live from Allen Texas

November 12, 2017

[Download MP3s: New VeraSage Fellow, Matthew Burgess Announced Tim Williams DET Talk Chris Marston Live DET Talk John Chisholm Live DET Talk Matthew Burgess , new Verasage Fellow DET Talk Kirk Bowman Live DET Talk Ed Kless Live DET Talk Lunch with Greg Kyte Mark Gandy Live DET Talk Bill Sheridan Live DET Talk Ryan Holtz Live DET Talk Thomas Bowden Live DET Talk Jacqui Brown Live DET Talk Joe Aliota Live DET Talk Catherine Robson Live DET Talk Shauna Wortinger Live DET Talk Hugh Watson Live DET Talk Andrew Boer Live DET Talk Ron Baker Keynote part 2] [itunes] [Bookmark Episode]

Episode Description

Day 2 of the live event coverage of the VeraSage Symposium. Every two years, the Fellows of VeraSage gather to learn from one another. It is rare to find so much knowledge and wisdom in one place, at one time. You have the chance to sit in the same room and participate in two days of mind-blowing sessions. VeraSage Institute is the revolutionary think tank for professional knowledge firms. We challenge people to break free of practice methods that marginalize their professions, undermine their purposes, and fail their clients.

Show Description

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