Let's Figure it Out Intimately

August 6, 2014
Hosted by Tammeron

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Let’s Figure It Out ...Intimately

Let’s Figure It Out ...Intimately

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Do you need to figure out what's not working in your business and why? Tammeron will provide an interactive opportunity for Entrepreneurs to teach you some very simple and basic techniques to enhance your business and personal lives by becoming more intimate with yourselves FIRST! She will also interview other leading experts in the self help industry who will share their challenges and motivational stories to move you into a more positive space. She wants to create a healthier business show to create an authentic and supportive atmosphere so we can all figure it out together, intimately.

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Tammeron is a Sexual Intimacy Lifestyle Expert, Motivational Business Speaker, Foodie, an Alchemist, a Visionary, an ex-Private Investigator who uses all of her tools and her life changing experiences to help Entrepreneurs create the life that they truly long for. She is a genuine people person who loves to feed you with her sensual aphrodisiac recipes at any of her LIVE events. She is the owner of Tammeron's Place, an "Intimacy Lounge" for Entrepreneurs with workshops and events in Belfountain, Ontario. (www.tammeronsplace.com)

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Charmel Bowden

Charmel Bowden has been an entrepreneur for the majority of her professional career. People hire her to develop action plans that help them chart the course of their business. They hire her when they have a new business to launch, a broken business to fix, or a business primed to expand. Over the past 30 years as owner of one of the largest strategic marketing firms in the Pacific Northwest, she has worked with huge companies, small businesses, and sole proprietors. She has the ability to see the big picture and zero in on the things that are the most pivotal to a securing the essential results. This has offered her clients glowing, profitable success. Their achievements are proof that following a well laid-out plan creates the environment to flourish. Bring your business to life and let the fun begin! View Guest page

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Lauren Brim

Lauren Brim is an advanced body talk practitioner who is sought out by clients around the world for powerful transformation. She is the co-founder of www.Healing4LifeTogether.com and created the health education site www.HealthNow.am View Guest page

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Tracy Crossley

Tracy Crossley wears many hats: writer-for-hire, intuitive coach, curiosity quencher, artist, poet, marketing maven, rugala royal, social media savant, entrepreneur extraordinaire, public speaker, clairvoyant, trusted friend and confidant, and mom to grown-ups. Her abilities have been honed as much by adversity as achievement. After losing her job 9 times in 10 years, she woke up to her calling as an intuitive coach. When Tracy began respecting her ability to help others achieve their dreams, she started experiencing the career fulfillment she longed for. Known as the Relationship Whisperer, she infuses each new day with passion through coaching, writing and speaking--sharing with others the secrets to creating a great life filled with meaningful relationships. Her newest creation, Your Pocket Psychic (www.yourpocketpsychic.com), is a unique business inspired by client requests. To learn more about Tracy, browse her social media sites and visit her website at www.tracycrossley.com. View Guest page

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Nancy Desjardins

Nancy Desjardins, Registered Holistic Nutritionist is the founder and creator of HealthLady.com, a global website mainly for women between 40-60 years old that are looking to restart their system, clean the slate or start fresh. She regularly interviews world experts on health and wellness and via the website, passes on the latest health news to you. View Guest page

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Jacques Drouin

Kevin Dunn

Kevin has had a lifetime of teaching others, from instructing SCUBA diving to Mountain Operations, during his 15 years in the Army Reserves, where he retired as a Sergeant in 2005. Kevin has held several civilian positions from construction engineering to an Ontario Provincial Police Constable, along with owning a custom design, sewing, and manufacturing company, creating highly specialized gear. As a Master of many trades, Kevin brings a unique and diverse skill set to his consulting practice. Kevin and Ava work together in their business Schriver Dunn Group, as consultants & trainers, utilizing the powerful tools of NLP, Time Line Therapy®, & Hypnosis, to help individuals and businesses transform. Their passion for helping people and teaching has led them to develop their own trainings which they co facilitate. Kevin continues his education in Bio-Psycho-Social Development and Ava is currently on the Ph.D Track to be a Doctor in Natural Medicine. View Guest page

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Mark A. Eisenhart

Mark is a High Raw and Vegan GF Sponsored Multi-Sport Athlete, Actor, Transformational Speaker, Life Coach, and Brand Ambassador. In 2013 he will publish his second book titled Changing What You Eat Changes Who You Are. Mark has been nominated for Sexiest Raw Man as part of The Best Raw Awards 2013 and will be adapting his story for screen as both a documentary and feature film. You can learn more about his story at www.getimpowerednow.com View Guest page

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Mark Allan Grainger

Mark Allen Grainger inspires visionary entrepeneurs and executive women across the U.S. with inspirational keynotes, mentorship programs and immersion trainings on authentic leadership, identity reinvention, spiritual mind training and visionary philanthropic influence strategy. Visit markallengrainger.com View Guest page

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Kathleen Hanagan

Kathleen Hanagan, Radical Radiance Guide, LCSW, Shamanic High Priestess and wisdom keeper, imago relationship therapist, international workshop presenter and speaker coaches women into breakthrough terrain where they become liberated from limiting patterns. View Guest page

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Tina Marie Jones

Tina Marie came from a 20 year marriage confused and feeling powerless yet wearing a face that said, “I am fine. Near her 40th birthday, divorce proceedings tearing up her family, and the life she thought she knew dissolving beneath her feet she faced each new day more numb to the pain. Early one morning, having spent the night wondering how to pull herself together, a voice spoke to her from the mirror. It said, “Hi Sexy”. In disbelief, she looked around to find an empty room. Looking back in the mirror at her bed head hair, no make up face, and t shirt that screamed “I need a romance make over”, she replied sarcastically, “Yeah right!” .... this began her journey to find herself, her identity, her dignity, and her sexiness. From her journey she has produced the Hi Sexy System, and series that empowers women to look at where we have given our power away, where we let it go, and how to get it back. She teaches how to learn how to embody our divine feminine power and get our sexy on! View Guest page

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Kristy Kenny

Kristy Kenny has many qualifications and takes a comprehensive approach to personal growth, intimate relationships , and our vital health. Many of her seminars can be found at www.Healing4LifeTogether.com View Guest page

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Antiqua Libbey

Antiqua Libbey has the experience of living through child abuse, depression, cancer, adrenal failure and Celiac disease. She overcome the obstacles, is thankful today for thriving. Her dedication to excellence, through a spiritual connection to God, and a commitment to lifelong health and fitness, has made her the "Trauma Transformer". Antiqua is an E-RYT 500 Master Yoga teacher, a sports nutritionist, a meditation guru, and has developed her signature program called: The Trinity Approach. This year Antiqua was named one of America's Premier Experts and is leading her worldwide Christian Community to healing and grace through her powerful programs like the Victory in 9 total life makeover, her weekly radio show HUGS (Hearts Uniting Gods Spirit), and through her website www.yourownuniversity.org. Antiqua's goal is to help one hundred thousand Christians let go of their struggles and trauma and let God transform their lives into testimonies of ease and triumph over adversity. View Guest page

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Deepak Manchanda

Deepak is a poet, philosopher, philanthropist who strongly believes that life is beautiful but one has to make it with complete consciousness to be successful in career, business and love. He is well known Internationally as the "Stress Buster", a Transformational Speaker and above all MC and Host of MoMondays Brampton, which is his passion. For his day job as an expert for the last 21 years in Franchising and Private Career College Industry Worldwide, Deepak works with CEO's and Entrepeneurs as a Coach. He also runs a Speaker Program for high school students to prepare them for leaders. He is also live on radio as a guest every Monday at 2:30 pm-Motivation on Monday with Deepak Deepak has made several inspirational videos on consciousness, happiness and even Yoga on Gita, which has more than 200,000 viewers on You Tube and more than a million on what's app in less than two years. www.deepakmanchanda.com View Guest page

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Jim Michael

Jim Michael, MA, is a speaker, a licensed psychotherapist (mfc 46995), and empowerment coach in Los Angeles, California. With strengths of working with couples and individuals who have communication, sexual, anger or "high drama" issues, Jim helps people find their own ways of navigating obstacles so they can state their wants and needs, have better sex in their relationships, have better relationships altogether, and most importantly, lead more authentic and fuller lives. His website is www.jimmichael.com. and can be contacted at jim@jimmichael.com. View Guest page

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Renee Morales

Renee Morales is a remarkable woman who is as inspiring as she is funny. Her take on life and how she has overcome challenges have been an inspiration to many. She will share some intimate details of her fertility struggles and the intimacy challenges that created. She used her scientific training along with her life lessons to turn what many would call a tough hand into something positive and uplifting. She is the of the Sexy Passionate Fertility Summit which covers not just getting pregnant, but also intimacy, using food as medicine, cheating dogs versus super husbands, how to regain passion after grief, and letting go of the unhealthy obstacles holding you back from having a family and a fulfilling future. Renee got her Master's in Biochemistry at LSU, lives in Tucson with her loving, (and supremely patient) science-geek husband and about 12 dozen ungrateful local birds in the backyard. View Guest page

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Allie Ochs

Allie Ochs, President of MediConsult is an international speaker on the topic of achieving total health with natural pulsed electro magnetic fields. A pioneer in this industry and faithful iMRS user for over 6 years, Allie has helped to dramatically improve the health of 1000s (including her own) and challenges the status quo of traditional medicine advocating for energy medicine to go mainstream. The freedom to chose wellness – repairing the body on the cell level with frequencies! allie@mediconsult.ca / www.mediconsult.ca / www.pemf.com View Guest page

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Ava Schriver

Ava has an amazing intuitive skill set and an ability to tap into and communicate with Ones inner wisdom assisting a person to let go of unconscious barriers to healing, learning, and success. A highly trained Advanced Cranio Sacral Therapist and Teacher’s Assistant with the prestigious Upledger Institute in Florida, Ava has had a very successful Therapy business for the past 12 years and since teaming up with her husband, Kevin, has helped people around the world transform their lives. Kevin and Ava work together in their business Schriver Dunn Group, as consultants & trainers, utilizing the powerful tools of NLP, Time Line Therapy®, & Hypnosis, to help individuals and businesses transform. Their passion for helping people and teaching has led them to develop their own trainings which they co facilitate. Kevin continues his education in Bio-Psycho-Social Development and Ava is currently on the Ph.D Track to be a Doctor in Natural Medicine. View Guest page

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Russell Allen Scott

Russell Allen Scott is the author of "Finding the Guru in You- the Co-Evolution Process". View Guest page

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Ritchie Sinclair

Ritchie is a commercial art graduate of George Brown College who has been formally tutored in the fine arts since early childhood. He is also an expert website developer and branding specialist who taught website design at the North American School of Information Technology. View Guest page

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Oliver Guttorm Svendsen

Oliver Guttorm Svendsen, born and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark, in an internationally renowned intuitive counsellor who reads exclusively for Hay House author and astrologer Mark Hussonks site 12Listen.com. With his wit, humour and gentle approach Oliver's simple philosophy is to empower the individual to forge their own path to experience success and happiness. View Guest page

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Michael Walton

Exciting is one way Michael Walton would describe his career as a Police Officer where he worked in numerous specialized units tracking down and arresting hardened criminals. After a car crash, unable to return to work, he was left with a few options and turned his focus to completing a novel he had started months earlier, built on an idea that was planted in his mind 10 years prior. His attention to detail and desire to create something spectacular was eventually released April 2013 in his first work called APOK. www.apok.ca View Guest page

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