The Wellness Lounge

August 31, 2015
Hosted by Desiree Watson

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The Wellness Lounge – A Step Further

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THE WELLNESS LOUNGE-A STEP FURTHER empowers you with the benefits of a wellness lifestyle. Desiree Watson, a pioneer in the wellness lifestyle movement, guides you toward incorporating wellness into your life through commentary and interviews with exemplary personalities from such diverse fields as professional sports, corporate management, government, and health care. Our topics embrace the interconnections of mind, body and spirit, while offering in-depth analyses of the wellness lifestyle movement and its impact on the health care system, politics and international aid. Related topics will spark awareness of the positive impact of the wellness lifestyle movement and how a wellness lifestyle commitment can successfully empower the individual and influence educational and political processes on a local, national and international scale.

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Desiree Watson

With Over 30 years of experience in the wellness industry, Desiree Watson is the President and CEO of Wellness Interactive, Inc., which is a premiere provider of practical solutions, strategic planning and implementation for organizations and companies seeking to transform a space for wellness and environmentally friendly products. The firm represents over 20 brands covering wellness events, lifestyle classes, wellness websites and green initiatives.

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Yvette Aitkens

Yvette Aitkens attended primary, middle and high school in England and continued on to college where she received a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and Human Resources. Although it was the pursuit of love that brought her and her young daughter to the United States, it would ultimately be her desire to make a difference that kept her here. Yvette admits that adjusting to the American way of life was difficult. “No one could understand what I was saying,” she says. Determined not to allow minor setbacks to detour her from the path she wanted to create, Yvette decided to make a life here for her and her daughter. Early on, Yvette sensed that more could be done to provide quality care to the citizens that had given so much in past generations and felt compelled to do her part. With the acknowledgement that she would one day become a senior citizen and the memories of personal moments that she shared with her grandmother before her passing prevalent in her mind, Yvette created SmartChoice Home Health Agency, Inc. in 2002, diligently formed the foundations of a company that was to grow to a multi-million dollar entity. With great consideration and soul searching, Yvette led the company and her team to service the geriatric population throughout NJ as they managed multiple state contracts to a national acquisition and sold the organization in 2010. Yvette credits the grace of God for overcoming all the adversities she has endured while creating a successful business. In the short time that SmartChoice has been caring for the elderly and disabled communities in New Jersey, Yvette's desires continues and now through vision, patience and perseverance, her attention is focused on the new chapter of her career by forming Senior Support Advisors, LLC which is positioned to be a healthcare movement transcending across multiple state lines. Yvette continues to share her knowledge and expertise and currently provides healthcare consulting and education to various small or distressed companies, and is actively operating another home health agency in South Carolina where the mission is to serve those in need, regardless of their social economic background and to stimulate employment efforts for future generations. Yvette has succeeded in building multiple businesses including a restaurant along the way, but her commitment continues to share those lessons, create opportunities and embrace the talents that God has given and now embarks to not only build a business, but create her “legacy”. Women to Women Enterprise has been developed to be an organization that encourages and nurtures the women entrepreneurs to come together, cultivate traits and behaviors of our “young women” that they will manifest into strong, recognized and influential business women for the future. View Guest page

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Arlyce Anderson

Arlyce is a Certified Life Coach, motivational speaker, trainer and Instructional Designer. She worked in corporations in finance and accounting for 20+ years before taking a career break to care for her two children. During those years, she founded Consolidated Financial Services (CFS), a company that locates funding sources for start-up companies and Arlisdesigns, a designer clothing accessories company. She is the current owner of Sublime Life Coaching and coaches individuals with career/life balance congruence and corporations who are focused on attracting and retaining diverse and exceptional talent. As the mother of two teenage children, she speaks often on topics related to creating balance between work and life as well as creating a pathway for excellence at work. Her workshop entitled “Sometimes You’re a Tortoise and Sometimes You Get to be a Hare” is a captivating journey through the stages of mate/mom/mogul and how to create balance while pursuing your dreams. View Guest page

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Dr. Muge Artar

Associate Professor Dr. Muge Artar works at Ankara University, Faculty of Educational Sciences department of Educational Psychology; who is the director of Ankara University Center for Research on Child Culture since 2010. Dr. Muge Artar is also the Deputy Head of Educational Psychology and Museum Education Department. Her interest areas are Cognitive Development, Enhancement of Children at Risk Groups, Child Culture and Museum Education. Dr. Artar had run different projects with Bernard Van Leer Foundation about Agricultural Migrant Worker’s 0-6 years of aged children’s lives. Seasonal migrants’ realities: a study of 686 Turkish households is one of them. Every year between April and November, hundreds of thousands of seasonal agricultural workers in Turkey leave their permanent residences and migrate to agriculturally intensive areas for jobs such as planting, harvesting and hoeing. Many take their young children. This project helped us to understand a study of 686 households, revealing more about the reality of the lives of these seasonal migrant families. Associate Professor Dr. Muge Artar's team begin to study life conditions of these children during their travel of working at 2009. It was the first research project. After that Dr. Muge Artar and her team try to find out the route of their work during a year. This retrospective and futuristic project really effects the field because it was the first study to show how many people were traveling and where to travel during agricultural work. The last project was an application project. After working with this group about five years Dr. Muge Artar feels the responsibility to empower the women and so the children. At the region of south east of Turkey 4 cities selected as giving the most of the migrant agricultural workers to all over the country. First a module were developed and 40 women from these cities were trained to be a trainee for their friends. This module consist of information about child rearing; health, hygiene and social emotional and cognitive developmental tips for their children. All modules were consisted of illustrations and little tips about it. Nowadays this project is going to be finalized. About 2000 women (illiterate and less fortunate) were trained by their friends. Associate Professor Dr. Muge Artar was graduated from Middle East Technical University Department of Psychology. She first started her carreer at adoption of Sesame Street Program at Turkish Radio and Televison Corporation. In her career she runs several different projects about Child Development. She is married with two sons. View Guest page

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Anthony Avent

Anthony Avent a native of Newark, NJ and graduate of Seton Hall University with a BA in Liberal Arts and Communications, as a member of the Seton Hall University 1989 final four team and runner up in the NCAA championship, Avent was selected as the 15th pick in the 1st round in the NBA draft, playing for several professional teams over a 11 year span including stops in Italy, Greece and Israel, in 1995 Avent earned a trip to the NBA finals with the Orlando Magic . During his post basketball career Avent founded AA Pro Sports enterprise to work with youth in sports, education and event production. A true believer the children are the future, he founded Career in Sports to teach youth about career opportunities in the field of sports, the sports event production company puts on national and international sporting events with Legends of the game. As a supporter and champion of social causes Mr. Avent founded Party for Causes to assist foundations and grass root nonprofit organizations. View Guest page

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Miriam Belov

Miriam Belov is the founder of The Wellness Agenda and Creative Concentration. She has been involved in body/mind health and fitness for over 35 years and has created programs for optimal physical and mental performance and spiritual centering using self-care, meditation, mindfulness, relaxation, healing and empowerment. Due to her expertise and life experience, Miriam has diverse professional exposure.

With a Master of Arts in Teaching from Brown University, she instructs on all the media, in the corporate world and at spas. She also produced the “Relax…Feel Great! Stay young” DVD and download.”

Miriam has done many guest appearances on top national radio shows. Topics included holiday celebration and stress and global warming effects, tsunami concern, relief and compassion for those suffering. She also has helped with post election stress.

She produced and hosted her own weekly radio talk show, The Wellness AgendaTM.

Being in NYC on 9/11 and experiencing the day and its aftermath, Miriam shared her knowledge with many groups. This included the FDNY’s Engine Company 40 and Ladder 35 which lost 12 of the 13 men who went to The World Trade Center. She also was involved with many special sessions and meditations in houses of worship and private homes.

Miriam was Origins’ wellness expert. Origins Natural Resources is a special company of Estee Lauder Companies which focuses on holistic wellness and beauty. View Guest page

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Koby Benvenisti

Koby Benvenisti teaches clients to think creatively about business and improve the quality of their lives. Benvenisti developed his approach to leadership training as an officer in the Israeli Army. Today he brings insights gained as a businessman, and real estate entrepreneur to changing lives and businesses. Each client receives a personalized plan, support and strategies for success. You'll learn to make decisions more quickly and to get things done by focusing your attention firmly on your goals. Through a series of dialogues Koby will help you clarify your goals and keep you focused while working toward them. Koby's clients include international A-list music, fashion and TV personalities, Wall Street businesses, entrepreneurs, medical professionals and creative artists. "A million dollars can be either a lot or a little, depending on what you believe about it," according to Koby who says. “Building successful businesses and relationships start with a focused plan or action and commitment to working on your plan and support to stay the course.” Call Koby today to get started with a free consultation. You’ll be glad you did. Contact Koby: 908-418-6438 View Guest page

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AURÉLIE BESSIÈRE General Manager, Palais des Thés USA Passionate about sharing all aspects of tea and its culture, Aurélie Bessière leads the development of the renowned French tea company Palais des Thés in the United States together with her husband Cy. Aurélie’s uncle is François-Xavier Delmas, the internationally recognized tea expert and founder of Palais des Thés who recruited the couple to launch the company’s North American subsidiary in 2010. After moving to Manhattan from Paris, the couple launched Palais des Thés’ U.S. online boutique in 2011, and subsequently opened the company’s first two wholly-owned U.S. boutiques, both in New York City. For Aurélie, tea is an amazingly tasteful, rich, and interesting beverage that has changed her life. She now combines a life-long love of tea with her strong background in international business to bring the Palais des Thés experience and culture to the United States. A trusted and knowledgeable tea authority, Aurélie shares her wide-ranging expertise through media and events as well as through tea classes she leads at the flagship New York City boutique. The Bessières educate consumers, retailers, chefs, restaurateurs, and culinary students about such topics as tea varieties, tea selection, tea preparation, tea tasting techniques, and pairing tea with food. Additionally, Palais des Thés’ products have received rave reviews and been featured in top media outlets including The New York Times, USA Today, Saveur, Elle Décor, and Zagat, securing its place as a coveted brand for both tea lovers and novices. Aurélie recalls tasting Le Palais des Thés’ Tibetan-inspired “Thé des Moines” (Tea of the Monks) as a girl and being hooked on this secret blend ever since. Having been initiated into the world of tea by her uncle at a young age, Aurélie in turn inspired her husband’s interest in the subject when they first met. Aurélie finds joy in introducing people to the range of flavors available in the tea universe, which she believes are even more varied than the flavors of fine wine, as well as inspiring people to embrace the healthy “time out” that tea offers. She and her husband travel annually to visit tea plantations in Asia, participating in the selection of new teas, further building their knowledge of the tea production process, and continually developing the company’s long-term, mutually-respectful relationships with growers. Prior to joining Le Palais des Thés, Aurélie worked in marketing and investor relations at major companies including Total and L’Oréal, Fluent in French and in English, she studied management and international business in France and the United Kingdom. Aurélie, Cy, and their two children currently reside in Manhattan. Confidentiality Notice: This email is intended only for the person or entity to which it is directly addressed and may contain confidential and/or non confidential information that is privileged. If you are not the right recipient of this e-mail or receive it in error, please contact "". Delete and destroy the original message and all copies of it. View Guest page

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Marian Buck-Murray

Marian Buck-Murray is a Certified EFT Practitioner and Transformational Health Guide, passionate about sharing her toolbox of self-empowerment techniques. She is the creator of the 3-Step Tame Your Inner Critic with EFT method. Marian draws on her wealth of personal and professional experience to guide her clients and inspire her audiences. With an emphasis on holistic methods, Marian successfully overcame decades of autoimmune illness, cardiac surgery, traumatic stress, and limiting self-doubt. Amazed and inspired by her transformational experience she was guided to assist others in their own transformations. EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a powerful acupressure tapping technique, in which participants use their fingertips to tap on specific points on the face and torso. EFT has been proven to be one of the most effective techniques for reducing cortisol, the major stress hormone. It is used to release stress, anxiety, limiting beliefs, and for boosting positive feelings. View Guest page

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Christopher Burgess

Christopher Burgess (@burgessct) is CEO, President and co-founder of Prevendra,Inc, which is focused on safety, security, intelligence and privacy. He is also is also an author, speaker, advisor, consultant and advocate for effective security strategies, be they at the office or at home. He is the voice of Senior Online Safety.

He has deep expertise in intelligence, counterintelligence, competitive intelligence, big data solutions, big data analytics, information security, security, online safety and security, compliance and privacy on a global scale.

He has held leadership and management positions, most recently as Chief Security Officer, President and Chief Operating Officer of a small startup and Senior Security Advisor at a Fortune 50. Prior to joining the private sector in 2005, he was a senior national security executive (30+ years with the USG). In his governmental capacity, he lived and worked in South Asia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Central Europe, and Latin America where he acquired understanding of people, cultures, and societies. Christopher is an industry thought leader, addresses threats to intellectual property, the security aspects of social media, security strategy, security education and awareness and prevention of industrial espionage. He is the co-author of Secrets Stolen, Fortune Lost: Preventing Intellectual Property Theft and Economic Espionage in the 21st Century, and a regular contributor to The Huffington Post. He also focuses on a number of societal issues such as, hunger, slavery, health, as well as how to keep ones family safe online via his personal blogs: BurgessCT and Veritate et Virtute. View Guest page

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Simone Callender

Simone Callender is the CEO of Governess Guild, a prestigious international company providing in-home educational resources and childcare staff for their clients. Simone is also a children’s author, former high school teacher and governess to young royals. Her life has been dedicated to the empowerment of children and she continues to develop, nurture and inspire young minds though Governess Guild and various philanthropic engagements. View Guest page

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Dr. Holly Carter

Dr. Holly Carter is a manager, television, film, and interactive media producer and a former talent agent. She is the founder of Relevé Entertainment in Beverly Hills, California, which packages, produces, and distributes family and faith-based projects for mainstream success. She also represents urban crossover talent, where intersecting involvement in the genres of film, television, and music is the focal point. A graduate of the MBA program at the USC Marshall School of Business, she also holds a Doctorate of Divinity from the Southern California School of Ministry. Dr. Carter’s career started in television casting, handling such Emmy Award winning projects as The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Roc, In Living Color, Martin, and several others. Branching into talent management, she built a stellar reputation as a tenacious negotiator and career strategist, with a passion in discovering and presenting to the mainstream market, concepts that have been overlooked by traditional buyers in the entertainment field. Her past client list includes a slew of award winning artists including Usher, Lil’ Romeo and Master P, as well as gospel favorites Mary Mary. Currently, she represents multi-award winning, platinum record selling gospel artist and actor, Deitrick Haddon. She also handles television and film packaging for gospel great Donnie McClurkin and Kierra Sheard. From the sports world, she represents champion boxer Roy Jones, Jr. Within television and film, her producer credits include feature films The Gospel (Sony ScreenGems), In the Mix (Lionsgate) starring Usher Raymond, and Mama I want to Sing, starring Lynn Whitfield, Hill Harper and R&B hit maker, Ciara. She is also the creator and executive producer of BET’s 106 & Gospel, and the Nickelodeon hit series Romeo!. Her latest feature film project,A Beautiful Soul, features Deitrick Haddon. A passionate Philanthropist, she produced a non-profit concert for Hurricane Katrina survivors, featuring gospel greats Fred Hammond and Donnie McClurkin, among others. She was a strong advocate for then-Senator Barack Obama's 2008 presidential bid and produced his “Embrace the Change Tour”, a three day, multi-city gospel concert series in the Carolinas promoting the then-candidate’s presidential campaign. More recently, she produced the Empowerment Summit Sessions for the National Urban League in its annual 2011 event. She is the founder of The Merge Summit held annually in downtown Los Angeles. This three-day event features a diverse array of entertainment industry executives and celebrity talent, along with leaders in the faith-based community. The Merge Summit workshops and classes offer an exclusive opportunity for aspiring executives and talent to glean from key influencers in entertainment, ministry and corporate America. View Guest page

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Vince Cirianni

Vince Cirianni is a financial representative that specializes in working with business owners and executives on business, personal, and estate planning strategies. Vince has securities and insurance licenses and has been in the financial services industry since 1995. His primary goal is to provide professional insight and unique planning strategies to help clients accumulate and protect their wealth. Vince received his B.S. degree in Accountancy from Rider College in Lawrenceville, New Jersey. After a year in corporate accounting, Vince quickly learned that his passion in life was in helping and dealing with people while building relationships. He therefore transitioned into the financial planning world and has been building his practice since. In addition to his entrepreneurial spirit in the business world, Vince has a deep passion for charitable endeavors in the community and currently sits as a board member for the Embrace Kids Foundation a non-profit foundation associated with Robert Wood Johnson Hospital. This foundation provides financial assistance and family services to help children with cancer and blood disorders. Vince and his wife, Marisa, live in Bridgewater, NJ, with their three children. View Guest page

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Timothy Ryan Clark

He was born and raised in Houston, Texas. He studied and obtained a BS in Chemistry from the Southern Methodist University. Timothy Ryan Clark completed a MSMBA in Healthcare Management from the University of Texas, and went on to complete a MS in Biomedical Science. He have always had an interest in the fashion industry- working in management positions with such companies as Neiman Marcus, Express, and Dillards. In addition Mr. Clark have styled a number of high profile clients while working as a free-lance stylist. Timothy Ryan Clark realized that he was passionate about fashion and transitioned from the Medical Field into the fashion industry. He started High Fashion Men approximately 2 years ago and have seen great success in a relatively short time. HFM has an audience over 850k followers, and is one of the largest mens’ social media outlets. View Guest page

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Pastor Leo Colon

Pastor Leo Colon was born in Brooklyn , NewYork, in 1966. His parents raised him with a love for family, music, and a love for the things of God. With these principles firmly instilled, Pastor Colon grew to learn about a great many things from his parents. His brother and he would start to study music at an early age, which gave them an opportunity to travel a great deal. While away in college Pastor Colon recommitted his life to the LORD during a bible study group at Temple University, in Philadelphia, at the age of 19. This started Pastor Colon on a quest to get closer to God, and serve him with vigor. This search led him to find a church home, and led him to Elim International Fellowship, and the late Archbishop Wilbert McKinley. It was here where the LORD allowed him to study scripture, and sit at the Bishop’s feet. At Elim he was confirmed an Assistant Pastor, then later in 2000, ordained an Associate Pastor. It was also here where the LORD blessed him, and gave him his wife, Dorothy. At Elim, the LORD impressed on Bishop McKinley, to send Leo and Dorothy, on an Evangelistic endeavor that lasted four and one-half years. They would visit small churches in the New York metropolitan area, every Sunday, not knowing which church they would end up in from one Sunday to the next. It was one of the most rewarding, learning experiences that a young preacher could go through. They functioned in whatever capacity was necessary from Sunday to Sunday. The LORD gave Pastor a passion to teach the word of God, with simplicity and understanding. His unique way of teaching God’s word, brings clarity, and understanding to those who hear it. So pastor started In His Presence family Worship Center, in New York City. At IHP we worship the LORD, Jesus Christ, and are led by the Holy Spirit to teach God’s word with understanding, so that we can apply the truth of God to our every day life. View Guest page

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Nusret Comert

Nusret Comert is the Chairman of Damnus Energy & Investment and Board Member of Energo Windpower Ltd. He has been in the upstream, midstream and downstream of energy industry for 30 years. He had been supporting Royal Dutch Shell’s activities in the region for developing upstream oil and gas positions and additional gas supplies for Turkey and Europe. Comert has led the natural gas sector's liberalization process in Turkey and is the founder and was the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Shell Energy A.S., the first private company importing and trading natural gas in Turkey. He has also led Shell's entry in deep water exploration in the Mediterranean and West Black Sea as well as Shale Oil and Shale Gas exploration in South East Turkey in partnership with TPAO, the national upstream company.

Comert has been an Independent Board Member of Akfen Holding A.S. and Borusan Mannesmann and Turkey Honorary Consul of the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago in Istanbul. Comert held a BS degree (Mechanical Engineering) and completed Istanbul University Business School. He is a Senior Advanced Leadership Fellow at Harvard University and an IMD Business School Alumni. Comert is an active member of TUSIAD, the Turkish Industrialists and Businessmen's Association, holding appointments in the Parliamentary Affairs & Political Reforms Committee and International Politics & Country Communication Committee and is the Deputy Chairman of the Energy Group. He is a former Chairman of the Board of Directors of PETFORM, the Petroleum Platform Association for three terms, and Founding Member of the Board of Trustees and Deputy Chairman of ENIVA, Energy and Climate Change Foundation; a member of Galatasaray Sports Club and Harvard Club of New York City; a Grand Officier of the Chaine des Rotisseurs, the world's oldest gourmet society. He is a frequent speaker at conferences and forums and is often interviewed by press on the topics of energy and leadership View Guest page

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Kerry Connelly

Kerry Connelly is a Certified Christian Life Coach, a Certified Human Behavior Specialist, specializing in DISC personality styles and a New York City Leadership Fellow. She lives in New Jersey with her husband, two children, and two cats (three, if you count the hair the cats shed during the spring). She is a writer, speaker and blogger who loves to bring people to those “ah-ha!” moments called breakthroughs. Kerry has over twenty years of experience in the corporate setting, mostly in advertising, sales & marketing, and customer service. During her career she has been a key account manager for major clientele, including Snapple, Nestle Waters, Discovery Health, and The Container Store, to name a few. In 2005, she left corporate America to start her family. Soon after her daughter was born, however, she felt the pull to work again. Not wanting to leave her little girl, she gravitated to the Direct Selling Industry, where she earned – by being in the top 2% of the company – the title of Independent Sales Director with Mary Kay Cosmetics, a position she held for three years. Soon, she began to feel a different pull. She knew she wanted to be in ministry of some sort – though not necessarily in a church setting. The idea of She*s ELEVATED was tugging at the periphery of her brain again, and she was writing – a lot. Not knowing exactly where this new calling was taking her, she made the incredibly painful decision to leave Mary Kay – a company she adored – and start from scratch. With no more than a fuzzy vision, some leadership training, and a lot of shaky, messy faith, Kerry decided to dive into the creation of She*s ELEVATED. She began her training as a life coach with a lot of trepidation – mostly out of obedience and not really thinking she’d like it. To her surprise, she discovered she was good at it! Her clients left each session feeling excited, powerful, and ready to take action. They reported back to her success after success. They walked in a new-found confidence. Soon, Kerry fell in love with coaching. Now, Kerry leads She*s ELEVATED and coaches busy visionaries to greater heights – she helps to elevate them to their God-purpose. Because after all these years, Kerry has finally discovered that her destiny is helping you live yours. View Guest page

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Geeta Trikha Davies

True Abundance Creator, Speaker, and Mentor Geeta Trikha Davies understands the secret to creating true abundance in all areas of life, including money. From her perspective, the art of creating Life of TRUE Abundance begins with cultivating a strong sense of self-worth, so you can be the person you really want to be, express and do what you really want to do, and have the experiences you truly want to have. She believes financial success is the by-product for a well-expressed and well-lived life. She offers a signature presentation, “The Lakshmi Principles”; Six keys to creating True Abundance in every area of your life (and its more than money)”, that provides thought provoking insights for creating a TRUE abundant life with joy, ease, grace, and beauty. Geeta has a diverse professional background in the Financial Banking Industry, the Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutial Industries, and in the Health Care System. She has worked as a project manager at the global financial firm of Bear Stearns, as a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative with Elli Lilly and UCB Pharma and as a Physician Relations Specialist at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital. She also has received her certifications as a Holistic Health and Wellness Coach and as a Sacred Money Archetype Coach. Geeta enjoys introducing her work around “The Lakshmi Principles” through speaking at networking groups, health and wellness conferences, professional organizations, and small-organized groups. She can be reached at: 201-424-1988 View Guest page

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Hakika Dubose

Our guest for Monday August 31st is Hakika Dubose Founder/CEO of Kika Method (Power Stretch Studios) . After working professionally as an actor and a dancer, she decided it was time to have more control of her shcedule to raise her child. She combined what she learned from her training in dance from Montclair State as a dance major, her work as a personal trainer, and the ability to create, to form what today is known as the Kika Method. She took her las $500 to put down as a deposit for fher first office space. Kika starting teaching clients how they use stretching as a tool for freedom. She has a Bachelor of arts degree. View Guest page

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Ruth Dugan

Ruth Dugan, the board president of Gilda's Club for the Northern New Jersey chapter - Gilda's Club was named in honor of well-known comedian Gilda Radner, who died from ovarian cancer. At the time, Gilda's Club was facing bankruptcy, having run out of funds and grants that would keep the non-profit afloat, so Dugan was asked to join the board. Relying on her experience as a reporter, a campaign manager and school board president, Dugan continued to gain support. Gilda's Club is named in honor of Gilda Radner, who, when describing the emotional and social support she received when she had cancer, called for such places to be made available for people with cancer and their families and friends everywhere. Although the Saturday Night Live comedian died in 1989, Gilda's spirit lives on at every Gilda's Club, where members join with other "experts" at living with cancer to both give and receive the benefits of love and laughter through the unique Gilda's Club program. The first Gilda's Club, including a worldwide training center, opened its signature red door in New York City in 1995. Since that time, additional clubhouses have opened in North America and Canada. Thousands of members now attest to the fact that Gilda's Club has helped change their lives by restoring control and enabling them to plan their own emotional and social support, thus strengthening and enriching the entire family. View Guest page

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Earnie Ellison

Earnie Ellison directs the PGA Diversity and Community Relations Programs. He leads The PGA of America major initiative to provide resources, awareness, and opportunities for culturally diverse individuals, women, and the under-served to participate in the game and the business of golf. After graduating from Alabama A&M University in 1970, hewas employed by the IBM Company where he held various financial management positions in the USA and its International businesses. In 1988 he joined the Unisys Company as Finance Director. He left Corporate America in 1992 to partner with his brother to experience the life of an entrepreneur. In 1997 he joined the PGA of America as the Director of Finance for the Tournament Operations. After developing a diversity program and establishing community initiatives, he was appointed to a new position for the PGA, Director of Business & Community Relations. Under Ellison's leadership the PGA of America has experienced notable progress in the areas of inclusion and community image. He is recognized as a key agent for change to ensure greater equality within the sport and business of golf View Guest page

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Dr. Jane Ely

Experience Dr. Jane Ely, Holistic Health Practitioner Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA offers services in Psycho-Spiritual, Energy Medicine, and Grief Counseling. She is trained in Psycho-Spiritual Counseling, Energy Medicine for hands-on-healing, Grief Counseling and Peacemaking Skills. Her private, professional practice of 17+ years as a Holistic Health Practitioner Santa Fe, also includes Dream Work, Guided Imagery, and Skillful Means in support of transformational life change. Education She is a graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing Science Training. She received her Doctor of Ministry in 2002 from the University of Creation Spirituality, founded by Matthew Fox. Dr. Jane Ely Holistic Health Practitioner Santa Fe has completed additional training in Conflict Partnership with International Peacekeeper Dudley Weeks, Ph.D.; Death and Dying Training for Professional Caregivers, the Upaya Center, Dr. Joan Halifax; Lomi Lomi (Hawaiian Healing massage), and ili’ili (Hot Stone View Guest page

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Lucille P. Farrell-Scott

Dr. Farrell-Scott is committed to empowering men and women with purpose, passion, power, peace, and prosperity. She believes that nothing is more important or more precious than this moment in which you are living. There is a dance happening in your life right and she encourages you to take the lead. There is a stage before you she advises that you, walk slowly across it while enjoying the applause. There is a song to be sung that only you can sing, so sing it. A staunch advocate for our generations to come, Dr. Farrell-Scott uplifts young people by introducing them to positive and transformational teachings endorsing their ability to maximize their unlimited potential. Dr. Farrell-Scott believes that young people should be educated and fit for the citizenry of the world. Dr. Farrell-Scott also advances the message of Living in Your Now. From Durban, South Africa, to London England, Guyana, and Trinidad in the West Indies, Canada, and all over the United States, Dr. Farrell-Scott has traveled the world to share her message of Living in Your Now and has been blessed to see the life changing effects of her word on the audiences she has touched. Through her books, mentoring, coaching programs, radio and television shows, she has helped thousands of people to live their lives to the fullest as they embrace their Power of Now. Dr. Farrell-Scott earned her Doctorate in Religious Studies from Trinity Theological Seminary. She is an active member of several community service organizations including, The Links Incorporated, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated, Dr. Farrell-Scott is a published author, transformational speaker, and president of Caribbean American Students Educational Foundation, an 18 year-old non-profit organization which serves healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner to more than one thousand children every day. All of Dr. Farrell-Scott’s work is rooted in her desire to see individuals excel above their current circumstances. As an immigrant from Trinidad, West Indies to the United States she understands the importance of access to equal opportunity and support for personal and professional achievement in life. Dr. Farrell-Scott earnestly believes that with God, family and community, all things are possible. Dr. Farrell-Scott is a loving mother of three adoring children. View Guest page

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Susan Fine

Susan Fine opened The Chocolate Path after several years working in corporate television. She had been a dark chocolate fan and decided to start a new venture focused on this passion. Her dream was to hand pick and gather in one place the best/most interesting chocolates and chocolate makers for true dark chocolate lovers. She also knew that true chocolate lovers are enthusiastic and inquisitive, so it was critical for The Chocolate Path to offer the same personal service and advice as you'd find in a great wine shop.

Her first test was to take on some inventory and try and sell small quantities of her selections at events and shopping boutiques. She consistently sold out of merchandise and customers were asking for more. Off to the races.

Initially opened in 2005 as a store in Montclair, NJ with a companion website, The Chocolate Path moved completely online in 2011 to take advantage of rising internet sales and a growing national customer base. The business is now an online shopping destination coupled with a live tasting, teaching and pairing service. We still operate temporary pop up stores during high demand holiday periods or special events.

Susan has met generous, dedicated and artistic suppliers from around the world and experienced first hand the entire bean to bar creation process in South America. She continues to search for and discover great new small-batch dark chocolate from the world's best sources. View Guest page

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Deborah Davis Ford

DEBORAH DAVIS FORD of South Orange was appointed Clerk of the Board of Chosen Freeholders on May 6, 2009, and took her Oath of Office on June 1, 2009. To the role of Clerk, she brings an impressive 20-year record of corporate experience in the field of personnel training/development and client management, having served as a Corporate Client Manager at a large pharmaceutical company and a Director of a professional services firm providing IT staffing/project management and managed services solutions. She also held the positions of Vice President of Superior Staffing Services (a woman-owned firm) and Regional Vice President of Transworld Services Group, two other prominent staffing services companies. Ms. Ford is also a member of the Newark Rotary Club (where she served as the first female President from 1993-1994), serves on the Executive Board of North Jersey Jack & Jill, and is a past member of the Regional Business Partnership, the NJ Transit Advisory Board, the Cancer Care Advisory Board, as well as a past President of the Greater Newark Chamber Small Business Council and Past Chairperson of Partners in Education and Quality. Ms. Ford also serves as a Trustee on the Township of South Orange Village Board of Trustees, where she was elected to her first term in May of 2007 and re-elected in May of 2011. View Guest page

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Sallie Fraenkel

MBSN was created by Sallie Fraenkel, former CMO & COO of SpaFinder and EVP of the Global Spa and Wellness Summit. Fraenkel has over 30 years of experience in the spa, wellness and entertainment industries. During her tenure at SpaFinder, she oversaw the significant expansion of the company including the award winning website,, Luxury SpaFinder Magazine, the gift card division as well as all marketing and technology activities for the company. She was the creator of successful events including Aspen Spa Days and The Spa Experience Aspen and Grand Central and ran the Global Spa and Wellness Summit in New Delhi, India. Sallie is a graduate of Penn State University and in 2004 was accorded a Distinguished Alumni Award View Guest page

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Tara Gilvar

Tara Gilvar, Founder and CEO A graduate of Boston College, Tara has acquired over 25 years of experience building brands and developing marketing campaigns. With extensive public relations and marketing expertise, she has helped the promotion of national consumer products for companies including, Sylvania Lighting, Veryfine Juice, Safety 1st and the Timberland Company. Through her work at a Boston-based advertising agency and later as a marketing consultant with companies including, Eddie Bauer, Harvard Medical School and Prudential Securities, Tara acquired a keen ability to build strategic marketing campaigns that demonstrate concrete results. Since leaving the corporate world in a full time capacity, nearly thirteen years ago to raise her three children, Tara utilized her marketing expertise to initiate and implement successful fundraising campaigns for juvenile diabetes and her local school district, generating over $110K from her initiatives. Simultaneously, she continued her work as a marketing consultant for various clients, including start-up organizations, musical entrepreneurs and New York based non-profit groups. However, working alone, without a proper support system, forced her to choose between successfully maintaining her family responsibilities or pursuing her professional passions. Of course, her family won out. After gathering nearly 40 women from her town into her living room to discuss the pursuit of their business dreams one February morning, Tara realized, immediately, how the development of BIG could provide better balance, more personal fulfillment and a sense of intellectual camaraderie that had been missing for most of her adult life. It is a concept that she has been driven to share with women around the country. An accomplished public speaker, Tara brings her B.I.G. message to women throughout the country. In addition to serving as the face of the B.I.G. organization, she has spoken for the Boston College Council for Women in both Boston and New York City; has been a featured panelist at the New Jersey Conference for Women; the New Jersey Department of Consumer Affairs Women's Entrepreneur Series and has been a keynote speaker for organizations including New Jersey's Middlesex Chamber of Commerce. Today, B.I.G. has over 1,100 members in more than 50 local communities across six states and the journey continues..... View Guest page

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Tenagne Girma-Jeffries

Tenagne Girma-Jeffries has had an extensive career in marketing and building global brands. Tenagne has had tenure at top global advertising agencies including Ogilvy & Mather, Grey Worldwide, The Kaplan Thaler Group and The Sawtooth Group. Her clients have included Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola Company, Wyeth and McCormick. Tenagne started her career in marketing at Ogilvy and Mather where she worked on Coca-Cola brands. Specifically, she managed the global re- branding of Fanta and Sprite, as well as the launch of Sprite Remix and Sprite Zero. At Ogilvy she won The David Ogilvy Award for effective advertising. Embracing her belief that insight into your target audience is fundamental to developing a competitive edge, she initiated the Entertainment Committee and created Influencer Panel discussions. She later landed a job working at Grey Worldwide on Procter and Gamble where she launched Root Touch Up, which won the Allure and Good Housekeeping Magazine Beauty Award. Following Grey Worldwide she headed to The Kaplan Thaler Group to work on Swiffer, Herbal Essences Global and Aussie. On Swiffer, she was tasked with taking the brand from 500 million to a billion dollar brand. She was nominated by her client for an Ad Color award for her work on Procter and Gamble. Previously, she worked at The Sawtooth Group where she headed-up the Lawry’s, Freixenet, Beech-nut and McCormick Hispanic accounts. Most recently, she launched a new venture called The Cultivation Group, which has allowed her to merge her love for community planning and development with her expertise in marketing. The mission is to transform the urban landscape of Newark culturally and visually one person, one block and one corner at a time. The goal of the group is to create a real movement around community-based economic development. The Cultivation Group just completed construction on their first commercial project in Newark. Tenagne is a New Jersey Performing Arts Center Women’s Association Trustee and the Vice President of the Promotions Committee, Founder of The Historic Weequahic Neighborhood Association and has worked with the Weequahic Neighborhood Association. Additionally, she was the former President of the SPARK Family Association. She lives in Newark, NJ with her husband, Shavar Jeffries, and her children, Kaleb and Naomi. She believes that we must be the change you want to see in the world. View Guest page

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Tracy Gray

Tracy Gray, Founder & President of The Sankofa Global Project has devoted her professional life as an educator and entrepreneur to developing interdisciplinary curricular. Creating and directing diversity and intercultural programs at institutions including The Ethical Cultural Fieldston School in New York, The 12Comics Learning Support Program and The Carey School in San Mateo, California. Traci has also launched international partnerships to expand cultural and global awareness and interaction through her work with the Antelope Foundation (Kenya), Infinite Family (South Africa), and the Ghana Iniative of the National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women. Traci Gray holds a M.S. ED degree in Early Childhood Education/General Education from Bank Street College of Education, she holds a BA degree in Political Science from Central State University. View Guest page

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Denise Gray-Felder

Ms. Gray-Felder is widely recognized as the force behind Communication for Social Change becoming a recognized and respected practice within communication fields. With 30 years of multi-faceted communication experience and proven leadership abilities—combined with her passion for CFSC and the respect she has earned from her peers within communication, nonprofit, academic, and business circles—she is uniquely positioned to lead the CFSC Consortium. Prior to creating and launching the CFSC Consortium, Ms. Gray-Felder, who has been accredited in public relations since 1978, was the vice president of communication and administration for the Rockefeller Foundation, based in New York City. There she led the communication, information technology, office services/facilities, finance and comptrollers, library, records, and research services, and Bellagio Study and Conference Center (in northern Italy) functions. She served as chairperson of the Bellagio Committee for nearly 3 years (a competitive scholarly residential program). Hired in March 1995 to be the Foundation’s top communication officer, she was responsible for restructuring the department and rebuilding the department’s credibility and capacities among multiple constituents including policymakers, grantees, and the philanthropic community. She and her team set a new communication vision for the foundation and its communication grant-making portfolio, helped develop the communication capabilities of nearly 100 grantee organizations, repositioned the foundation, oversaw the foundation’s public policy agenda in the United States and globally, and managed basic public relations, social marketing, advocacy, employee communication, issues advertising, and media promotion responsibilities. Ms. Gray-Felder holds degrees from the University of Michigan School of Business, Executive Education Program in global marketing; an MA in speech—Radio/TV/Film, Wayne State University; and a BA in journalism, University of Michigan. View Guest page

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Adero-Zaire Green

Adero-Zaire Green is the president of Adero Media, a boutique communications agency based in NYC that provides public relations, talent management, marketing, and branding. She also has a specialized consulting division of her company called Life Giver Power Coaching. For over 15 years, Adero has been able to offer her ability to share the gift of analyzing the energy and power of numbers with clients. Adero utilizes a numerical system that shows clients how to organize their life through their birth name and birthdate. This proven system has opened doors for clients once they become aware of the power that both their birthdate and name holds. The name (Ad-e-ro) comes from Central Africa, and it means giver of life. The very essence of what Adero embodies through the work that she does within her industry. Adero-Zaire has a B.A. in English and Communications from St. Francis College and a M.A. in English Education from New York University. Adero is the author of the novel Differences in The Same Backyard and an Adjunct Professor of English for The City University of New York. Her life skills training combined with her educational background has afforded her the opportunity to work with clients in various disciplines. It has also moved her brand locally, nationally, and globally through her creative media campaigns, power coaching events, major strategic partnerships, and philanthropic initiatives. Adero-Zaire continues to celebrate along her journey, and works tirelessly to create a wonderful legacy for her family through the success of her projects and clients. View Guest page

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Dr. Marcia A. Harris

Marcia A. Harris, MD, LHD (Hon) is a practicing physician in New York City. She delivered thousands of babies for 27 years at the New York Hospital, Weill Cornell Medical Center after Medical School at Columbia University, College of Physicians and Surgeons. After a severe health condition landed her in the hospital 14 years ago, she shifted her focus to wellness and prevention and now practices Integrative, Complementary and Anti-Aging Medicine at Patients Medical, PC in Manhattan. Dr. Harris speaks with the Les Brown Platinum Speakers Network and devotes a great deal of time to patient education through free and low-cost seminars and workshops at schools, churches and retreats. She has multiple published articles, both medical and secular. This is her first full-length work. Marcia has two children, Dana Marie and Michael, and one granddaughter, Dylan Olivia and resides in New Jersey, where she also is active in her local church congregation and community organizations. Dr. Harris’s personal motto is: If better is possible, good is not enough. View Guest page

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Rupert A. Hayles, Jr.

Rupert A. Hayles, Jr. is the President of The Center for Emotional and Spiritual Development. He is certified in many emotional intelligence instruments and uses these to coach leaders. Currently a Ph.D. candidate at Regent University, Rupert has a MBA from Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and undergraduate degrees from Seton Hall University. Rupert is the author of two books including “Practical Strategy: Aligning Business with Information Technology.” He is an organizational strategist, author, lecturer and adjunct professor. He, his wife Maryann, son-Stephen and daughter-Savannah live in New Jersey. Rupert A. Hayles, Jr is also the Chief Operating Officer of the Christ Church New Jersey: Organizational Leaders organization. He provides oversight to the administrative staff, the church's subsidiary corporations, media activities, conferences and special projects. With dual degrees in Accounting and Management Information Systems and graduate degrees in Finance and Decision Sciences from The University of Pennsylvania's prestigious Wharton Business School, Rupert brings a wealth of advanced training and experience to the organization. He served as an officer in the United States Air Force before going on to hold several senior level strategic planning positions in the field of Information Technology at Prudential Insurance Company of America, Cytec Industries, Inc. and Merck & Company. Rupert is an adjunct professor of Strategic Technology Management at Stillman School of Business, Seton Hall University, a lecturer with the American Management Association, a global leader in management training and professional development. Rupert is author of the book, Practical Strategy: Aligning Business with Information Technology and a forthcoming book, Practical Strategy: Emotional Intelligence and the Church. View Guest page

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Benilde Little

Benilde Little is the bestselling author of the novels Good Hair, The Itch, Acting Out and Who Does She Think She Is? She has been featured in The New York Times, The Washington Post, Essence, Jet, People Magazine, Heart and Soul, More magazine, among many others. She has had numerous media appearances including NPR, the Today Show, and Tavis Smiley. The Go On Girl Book Club selected Good Hair as the best book of the year. Natalie Cole bought the film rights. Benilde’s writing has appeared in numerous anthologies, including Honey Hush and About Face. She was a finalist for an NAACP Image Award. A former reporter for The Cleveland Plain Dealer, The Star Ledger, People and senior editor at Essence, she has been a creative writing professor at Ramapo College. She lives in Montclair, New Jersey, with her husband, two children and dog. View Guest page

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Dr. Nicole McGrath

Dr. Nicole McGrath received her Dental Degree from the University of Maryland, and completed her residency program in UMDNJ, Newark, NJ. She also successfully completed the Leadership Program in 2010 offered by American Dental Association, Institute for Diversity in Leadership, in partnership with Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management. Dr. McGrath has been a member of the Communication, and the Oral Health Coalition Committees of the NJ Dental Association since 2008. She has been recognized for her commitment and spirit of volunteering by multiple organizations over the past two decades. Awards and Recognitions 2012 New Jersey Woman of Achievement Award Recipient, New Jersey State Federation of Women’s Clubs 2011 Volunteer Recognition Award by Red Cross, Montclair, NJ 2007-2010 Montclair Child Development Center, Certificate of Appreciation in recognition of extraordinary collaborative support for their Head Start Program 2010 The BD Governor’s Jefferson Award for Health Care in recognition of her extraordinary service in her community. 2010 Hometown Hero Award, a Community Service Award presented by The Intrepid Sea, Air & Museum in recognition of her outstanding community service as a volunteer. 2010 Upper Montclair Women’s Club, nomination for Woman of Achievement Award 2006 Trinity Presbyterian Church (USA), Certificate of Appreciation for her outstanding leadership, unlimited patience and love to all Children, Youth of Trinity Presbyterian Church School 1987 Outstanding Young Woman of America , Certificate awarded in recognition of her outstanding ability, accomplishments, and service to the community. View Guest page

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Ginger Miller

Ginger Miller is a native New Yorker and former homeless service disabled veteran. After taking care of her husband, a disabled veteran, who has suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for over a decade and experiencing homelessness with her family, Ginger decided to form John 14:2, Inc. As President and CEO of John 14:2, Inc, Ginger has been a passionate and dedicated advocate on behalf of veterans and believes strongly in the combination of advocating, networking, and collaboration. She has worked closely with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, the Washington D.C. VA Medical Center, Maryland Department of Veterans Affairs, Prince George’s County, and The National Coalition for Homeless Veterans and The National Alliance to End Homelessness to assist in collaborative efforts with John 14:2 to help veterans. Ginger's advocacy and outreach efforts have lead her to host Veteran Round Tables in Annapolis, Maryland with State Veterans Agencies and Elected Representatives. She facilitates workshops for veteran caregivers and frequently receives invitations to speak at various government agencies, including the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. In two years because of hard work, and knowledge on veteran's issues, she has become the go to advocate. In March of 2010 Ginger, was invited by Senator Patricia Murray of the Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs to advocate with U.S. senators to save potential cuts to the HUD VASH Program. Most recently, Ginger has started Women Veterans Interactive, a division of John 14:2, Inc that is dedicated to serving and supporting women veterans. Ginger served in the U.S. Navy from 1989 to 1992, received a Bachelor Degree in Accounting from Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York, and is currently pursuing a Master Degree in Nonprofit Management at the University of Maryland. She enjoys spending quality time with her husband and two sons, meeting people, traveling, watching movies, and attending church View Guest page

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Jay Newman

Jay Newman is the founder and president of Invision International Health Solutions, and the creator of Opti-Silver, an ionic silver complex for internal human use that employs cutting edge technology for delivering the bioactive form of silver to the body in an efficient, time-released manner. He has been involved in the natural health field for over thirty years. He is the author of “The Ultimate Health Program,” which is a book and audio program. In his early days of college, his science professor told him formal academia would hold him back and to find his mentors in the real world. Soon after, the head of the entrepreneurial department at Harvard was on his board of advisors mentoring him. Prior to entering into the natural health field, he was in high tech. At one point, he had the same attorney and accountant as Steven Jobs of Apple and he shared a friendship with Jobs. He left high tech to follow his passion in natural health. He has been in the silver field for over twenty years. He has published articles about silver and has been interviewed on Good Morning America and NBC TV News as a leading expert in the field, along with having given well over a hundred radio interviews discussing the use of ionic silver in health. He is on the board of advisors to the National Health Federation, the oldest health freedom advocacy organization and first NGO representing the interests of the consumer at the ongoing CODEX proceedings that affect the public’s access to safe and beneficial food and supplements on a global scale. View Guest page

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Dr. Zia Nix, D.C.

Dr. Zia has experienced personal transformation firsthand. She had a rare muscle disorder and acute vision loss in her younger years and later experienced a long list of chronic issues, including migraines, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, depression, and double sciatica. She has devoted her life to empowering others on their path to wellness. Upon graduating from Columbia University in 1995, she studied to become a chiropractor. She has had a lifetime commitment to learning with intensive study of laser therapy, energy balancing, emotional clearing, nutritional re-balancing, stress reduction, Tai Chi, and Qi Gong. She integrated these modalities with chiropractic care to provide a holistic path to total wellness for her clients. Her guiding principle has always been that physical health issues will never fully resolve or sometimes cannot begin to improve until underlying emotional issues are addressed. View Guest page

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Jean Oursler

Jean Oursler is called the Queen of Results because she is all about getting unprecedented results at unprecedented speed that creates and maintains unprecedented performance for her clients. As one of the country’s top business consultants, top rated speaker and world-class executive coach, her clients say “Her no-nonsense approach is results-focused and completely personalized to meet the needs of the business and its leaders in the moment.” She achieves the highest results for each and every client each and every time. Jean has made millions of dollars for her clients by working with them to grow their companies and their people. How? By working with companies and their people in sales improvement, organizational structure, process improvement, change management, and executive coaching. She works with small, medium and large companies across all industries. Because she believes so strongly in her processes and the success she can achieve for her clients, Jean offers a money back guarantee on each and every project. Who offers you that? In fact, if you tell Jean your challenge, she will be able to give you a solution in 15 minutes or less…for free. Jean Oursler has traveled the world and has visited 5 continents. She has a Master’s Degree in Organizational Development. She has been actively involved with the Women Presidents Organization, a non-profit whose mission is to help women presidents of multi-million dollar companies grow their businesses and she is a member of the Total Quality Institute. She is a contributing author to “A Common Sense Approached To Sustainability” which is about corporate sustainability. She launched Aleve and Zantac 75 into the market place and has appeared in Entrepreneur magazine. She is currently working on her new book, The Selling CEO: Improving Your Bottom Line.” View Guest page

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Brittney Parker is a lifestyle blog, written by model, host & content creator, Brittney Parker. A self titled blog that focus’ on the three things: Vision, Lifestyle, & Entertainment. Brittney began modeling and hosting in 2011 with a passion for young women who desire to step into the industry. She took her hobbies and expertise to write more about things women love and can relate to, while capturing her vision.

She is building a community of women who are called The VisionistasTM. Who posses, Vision, Valor, and a vertical relationship with God. Faith is a big standard for Visionistas. View Guest page

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Sangita Patel

As a energy healer Sangita Patel works with people who are struggling with Physical (back aches, injury pain, joint pain) pain or Emotional pain (anxiety, fear, stress, depression) and have tried traditional methods to get help and have not gotten relief. She uses simple yet powerful holistic methods and Heart Coaching that help them FINALLY heal and live a pain free- joy filled life. Her journey began after surviving a car accident and losing her only brother. When Sangita embraced her inner self she awakened her natural ability to heal. She is committed to help those who are willing to heal themselves to live a joy filled life. She is available for keynote speaking, workshops and corporate training for Life Transformation Retreat by using holistic techniques such as Qigong, Emotional Freedom Technique, Integrated Energy Therapy and Seraphim Energies. She is a Author, Speaker, Integrated Energy Therapy® Master Instructor, Spring Forest Qigong Practitioner, Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner, Teacher of Seraphic Wisdom and a featured author at I Can Do It 2014 convention in Baltimore. View Guest page

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Diana Polack

Diana Polack founded Artware by You in 1993 when Diana, while serving as a PTA Board Member and the Fundraising Chair of her children's school, saw a need for quality fundraisers that promote creativity as well as build self esteem. Drawing on her expertise as a successful business woman, she created a company that delivers a quality art based fundraising program to schools throughout the country. Through the years Diana's business has expanded in many new and exciting directions. She has always kept in mind her mission, vision and desire to build self esteem in children, encourage appreciation in original artistry and inspire others to cherish original artwork and family photographs. In 2011 Diana embarked on spreading the word globally with her Walls That Unite Program. The premise of Walls that Unite is to educate children and their families about the needs of those less fortunate, while creating dynamic and healing art tile installations that raise funds for various initiatives both global and local. View Guest page

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Dr. Janice Pride-Boone

Dr. Pride-Boone is a Harvard Medical School graduate. Board Certified Pediatrician and Certified Marriage & Family Therapist, she completed her residency at Johns Hopkins Hospital & Georgetown University Hospital. President of Family Focused Pediatrics, Dr. Pride-Boone leads research projects on childhood obesity & spirituality. In addition, she has conducted weight management courses at churches in her community. She compiled a community based, low-cost comprehensive program for families at risk. She has been in practice for over 25 years and has worked in several states including Louisiana, Nevada and Tennessee. View Guest page

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Dr. Peter Rajsingh

Dr. Peter Rajsingh is Managing Partner of Castellar Partners LLC and Aquila Associates LLC, asset management firms focused on hedge funds and private equity for institutional clients. Previously, he headed the institutional group at an investment boutique, working on hedge fund due diligence and incubation, and investment banking. He began his career at Morgan Stanley in New York. Dr. Rajsingh is on various corporate and philanthropic boards. The latter include being a Director and past President of the United Nations Association of New York and Trustee of the London-based Loomba Foundation and the New York Center for Therapeutic Riding. Dr. Rajsingh has been an Adjunct Professor at Reims Business School in Champagne, France since 1996. Also, since 1991 he has taught at New York University at the Stern School of Business, in the Gallatin School of Individualized Study and in the College of Arts and Sciences. He obtained a Ph.D. degree from the Graduate Center of the City University of New York and B.A. with honors from the University of Auckland, New Zealand. His interests include classical piano and equestrian sports. View Guest page

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Rodney J. Reynolds

Rodney J. Reynolds was born in Cleveland, Ohio. He attended the University of Cincinnati where he studied graphic design and advertising. Reynolds undertook his first publishing venture with a national, general purpose publication targeted towards African American men, Spectrum Magazine. In 1992, Reynolds and Corporate Cleveland Magazine developedMinority Business, a quarterly publication where he served as publisher and editor. He went on to publish New Visions andRenaissance Magazine. He also developed Today, a magazine that focused on African American families. Reynolds founded RJR Communications, Inc. in 1992. In 1995, Reynolds, along with Forbes, Inc., began publishing American Legacy Magazine, which centered on African American history and culture. In February of 2001, RJR Communications and New Millennium Studios, founded by entertainer Timothy Reid, launched American Legacy Television, a nationally syndicated television program. Reynolds has served on the board of directors for the Mount Vernon Public Library, the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) of Central & Northern Westchester, the Harriett Tubman Home, and the Rye Country Day School. He was appointed as the diversity chairperson for the New York Blood Center - Westchester Region. In addition, Reynolds is a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. In 1998, Reynolds received the “Forty Under 40 Award” from The Network Journal. In addition, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. honored his work with the Lillian Award. He received the Percy E. Sutton Award from the Harlem Business Alliance; the Visionary Award from the African American Men of Westchester; the National Business Leader of the Year Award from the African American Chamber of Commerce of Westchester & Rockland County; and the 2002 Triangle of Service Award from the Southeast Regional African American Preservation Alliance. In 2004, Reynolds received the inaugural Earl G. Graves Entrepreneurial Award; and, in 2005 he was the recipient of the W.O. Walker Community Excellence Award. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Ted Rubin

Ted Rubin is a leading Social Marketing Strategist, Keynote Speaker, Brand Evangelist, and Acting CMO of Brand Innovators. In March 2009 he started using and evangelizing the term ROR, Return on Relationship, hashtag #RonR. Ted left his position as Chief Social Marketing Officer of Collective Bias on August 31, 2013. He remains the 5th largest shareholder.

In the words of Collective Bias Co-Founder John Andrews... "Ted, you were the vision, heartbeat and soul of Collective Bias, thank you for building a great company. From innovations like cbSocially to the amazing relationships you built with the blogger community, clients and employees, you drove the epic growth. You will be missed!"

Many people in the social media world know Ted for his enthusiastic, energetic and undeniably personal connection to people. Ted is the most followed CMO on Twitter according to Social Media Marketing Magazine; one of the most interesting CMOs on Twitter according to Say Media, #13 on Forbes Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers, and number #2 on the Leadtail list of Top 25 People Most Mentioned by digital marketers.

ROR, #RonR, is the basis of his philosophy…It’s All About Relationships! His book, Return on Relationship was released January 29, 2013. His latest book, How To Look People in the Eye Digitally, is being released January 2015. Connect with Ted... or @TedRubin. View Guest page

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Allison Sargent

Owner and CEO of Allison Sargent Events Inc. Cutting-edge creativity, dramatic style and a flair for the unexpected. That's the genius behind Allison Sargent Events (ASE). Based in Montclair, New Jersey, ASE is led by founder and president Allison Sargent. This hands-on chief executive began her career in the fashion office of Lord & Taylor's. Ms. Sargent later combined the expertise, alliances and skills she developed at the retail icon to open her own firm. During the last decade, Allison Sargent Events has planned, designed and produced imaginative corporate and social events for Fortune 500 companies, mid-size and small businesses, industry associations and non-profit organizations, as well as for families and individuals. With ASE at the helm, clients know they can sit back, relax and actually enjoy their event. Allison and the ASE team make every event a true celebration of your dreams, from an elegant dinner party to the most extravagant corporate gala. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Traci L. Slatton

Traci L. Slatton, author of FALLEN and COLD LIGHT, is a graduate of Yale and Columbia. She lives in Manhattan, and her love for Renaissance Italy inspired her historical novel IMMORTAL and her contemporary vampire art history mystery THE BOTTICELLI AFFAIR. FALLEN is the first in a romantic trilogy set during the end times; COLD LIGHT and FAR SHORE further the dystopian tale. DANCING IN THE TABERNACLE is her first book of poetry. She also wrote a sculpture book, THE ART OF LIFE, with her husband. THE LOVE OF MY (OTHER) LIFE is a bittersweet rom-com that addresses the question: What worlds would you move to be with your soulmate? Her latest book is a manual for do-it-yourselfers entitled HOW TO WRITE, PUBLISH, AND MARKET YOUR BOOK YOURSELF, A Manual for the courageous and persistent. For more information please visit View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Terry A. Smith

Terry A. Smith has served as lead pastor of The Life Christian Church for twenty years. TLCC is a non-denominational faith community in West Orange, NJ, serving the New York City metro area. TLCC is known for attracting an incredibly diverse congregation—drawing people from a multitude of nationalities and seventy-five surrounding communities—who want to get better at life. Terry is a cofounder of the New York City Leadership Center and an instructor in its Leadership Fellows program. A gifted communicator, Terry speaks in a variety of venues nationally and internationally. He is passionate about challenging, developing, and encouraging leaders, whether they know they are leaders or not. He holds a bachelor of science in organizational management and a master of arts in organizational leadership. Terry has been married to his wife, Sharon, for twenty-eight years, and they have three adult children: Sumerr, Caleb, and Christian. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Jacqueline Tarrant

Jacqueline Tarrant is recognized as a beauty expert, author, consultant, columnist, salon owner, and founder of the Hair Trauma Center in downtown Chicago. As a 3rd generation beauty professional, International platform artist and former Director of Education and Product Development Specialist with L'Oreal USA, Jacqueline continues to add layers to her beauty expertise. Her knowledgeable approach to all things related to hair care and hair health is expressed monthly in national columns that reach millions through various publications. Jacqueline's opinions have been seen in Seventeen, Cosmopolitan, Essence & the Wall Street Journal to name a few. She has had numerous Style & Beauty appearances nationwide on Good Morning America, NBC, CBS, & the Fox Network. Jacqueline's reputation as a renowned Educator, Trainer and Platform Artist have taken her throughout Canada, Europe, Africa, South America and the Caribbean. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Regina Taylor

With an impressive body of work that encompasses film, television, theater and writing, Regina Taylor’s career continues to evolve with exciting and challenging projects.
 Taylor is best known to television audiences for her role as Lilly Harper in the series "I'll Fly Away." She received many accolades for her performance in the show including winning a Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actress in a TV Series, an NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series and two Emmy Award nominations for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series. Taylor was most recently seen starring in the CBS hit drama "The Unit". She took home the NAACP Image Award for “Outstanding Actress in a Drama” for her work on the show.
Regina made her professional acting debut on CBS in the movie "Crisis at Central High" and other television credits include the series "The Education of Max Bickford," "Feds" as well as television movies "Strange Justice” playing Anita Hill, earning her a Peabody Award and Gracie Award, "Cora Unashamed," "Children of the Dust," "I'll Fly Away: Then and Now," "Howard Beach: Making a Case for Murder." Segueing effortlessly between the big and small screen, Taylor has starred in blockbuster films alongside some of Hollywood most talented leading men. Her film credits include "The Negotiator," "Courage Under Fire," "A Family Thing," "The Keeper," "Clockers," "Losing Isaiah," and "Lean on Me."
In addition to her film and television work, Taylor holds the honor as being the first Black woman to play William Shakespeare's Juliet in Broadway's "Romeo and Juliet." Her other theater credits include "As You Like It," "Macbeth," "Machinal," "The Illusion" and "Jar the Floor." In addition, she won the L.A. Dramalogue Award for her performance in "The Tempest" on the west coast. 

Taylor not only feels comfortable on the stage, she is also an accomplished playwright and director. Her other credits as playwright include "Oo-Bla-Dee," for which she won the American Critics' Association new play award, "Drowning Crow," (her adaptation of Chekhov's THE SEAGULL, which was produced on Broadway by Manhattan Theater Club in its inaugural season at the Biltmore Theater and starred Alfre Woodard), "The Dreams of Sarah Breedlove," "A Night in Tunisia," "Escape from Paradise," "Watermelon Rinds," and "Inside the Belly of the Beast." Taylor’s critically acclaimed "Crowns" continues to be one of the most performed musicals in the country. It is the winner of four Washington D.C. Helen Hayes awards including Taylor’s win for Best Direction as well as Best Regional Musical. Taylor’s play “Magnolia” premiered at Chicago's Goodman Theatre in March 2009. Taylor’s trilogy, “The Trinity River Plays” premiered as a co-production with the Dallas Theater Center and the Goodman Theatre and was the Recipient of the 2010 Edgerton Foundation New American Play Award. Most recently Taylor wrote and directed Post Black, (a monologue played by Micki Grant, Carmen De Lavallade, and Ruby Dee) for The River Crosses Rivers II Festival at NYC’s Ensemble Studio Theatre. Taylor is a member and Artistic Associate of the Goodman Theatre and a resident playwright at NYC’s Signature Theatre Company. She received the Hope Abelson Artist-In-Residence Award from Northwestern in 2010. Creator and Curator of The State(s) of America – The Regina Taylor Project, a festival involving multiple departments at Northwestern University; students were challenged to own their own voice by creating plays, films, interactive graphic art, stories, spoken word and devised pieces that hold up mirrors to these times. She has received honorary doctorates from Columbia College, DePaul University and Lake Forest College. As part of the Goodman’s 2011/2012 Season, Taylor directed the 10th anniversary production of her hit musical, Crowns. Most recently, Taylor wrote and directed “stop. reset.,” at Signature Theatre Company. Taylor was named one of six 2012 Chicagoans of the Year by Chicago Magazine and was awarded the 2013 Oscar Micheaux Award from the Chicago Film Critics Association. Taylor is also the National Spokesperson for the Ovarian Cancer Symptom Awareness Organization (OCSA), launched in 2010 to educate both women and men about this deadly disease, which is the number one gynecologic cancer killer of women. She was raised in Dallas, Texas and lives in Chicago. [,,,Twitter: TheReginaTaylor, Facebook: Crowns The Gospel Musical] View Guest page

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Sabatino Verlezza

Sabatino Verlezza, Artistic Director, Verlezza Dance. Kent State University, Guest Instructor (2007). He holds an M.F.A. (Dance) from the University of Michigan (1979), a B.A. (Dance) from the State University of New York at Brockport (1977) and an A.A. degree from Orange County Community College, NY, (1975). He danced professionally with the May O’Donnell Dance Company in New York City from 1979-1988 and with the Joyce Trisler Danscompany, Glenn-Lund Dance, Sophie Maslow, Norman Walker and Janet Soares/Dances among others. In 1988, he established his own company comprised of former O’Donnell, Maslow and Trisler dancers entitled, Verlezza Dance. He has choreographed, directed and taught for many companies, including the Joyce Trisler Danscompany (NYC) and Joffrey II (NYC). Sabatino taught at Marymount Manhattan College, NYC (1992-1994) and Dowling College, New York (1988-1994) and has been guest artist/faculty at numerous universities. In 1994, he became Artistic Director/Choreographer for Dancing Wheels, where he also served as principal dancer and faculty member until 2003. Sabatino with Barbara were the 2003 recipients of the Northern Ohio Live Achievement Award in Dance. As Artistic Director and choreographer of Verlezza Dance, he continues present lecture/performances and main stage concerts as well as teaching classes, workshops/residencies. With Barbara, he co-directs/instructs the Creative Movement/Dance program at the Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital for Rehabilitation and the Euclid Adult Training Center for senior adults with developmental, physical and sensory disabilities. In 2005, Sabatino established a partnership with the City of Shaker Heights and the First Unitarian Church of Cleveland where he opened a studio, School of Verlezza Dance, offering classes with a full range of curriculum, age and ability levels for students with and without disabilities. A certified Pilates instructor,he extends his teaching approach to broaden his philosophy of arts and wellness. The Verlezzas are recipients of the CCBMR/DD Inclusion Award (2003, 2008). Verlezza Dance is a 2008 Ohio Governor’s Award Nominee. View Guest page

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Donna Visco

Certified Pranic Healer, Certified Pranic Healing Teacher in both Basic and Advanced classes, Registered Yoga Teacher, Certified Meditation Teacher, Certified Perfect Health Teacher, Nia and Zumba Certified, Young Living Oil Consultant In a space of complete safety & love you will begin to be aware of the areas that prevent you from living your life fully and completely. Donna brings 12 years of experience assisting others through the use of, Pranic Psychotherapy and Pranic Healing as well as her years of experience as a teacher of Restful Body Centered Awareness. She has achieved many certifications from the Chopra Institute in California as well as the Institute in Inner Studies located in the Phillipines focused in the area of mental, emotional and physical wellness. Donna has a great understanding of the internal and external energy body and what one can do to bring themselves and their lives into balance. She is a Certified Pranic Healer and Teacher. As well as a Vedic Master through the Chopra Institute in La Costa California. Donna is a co-author in Journey to Joy a recent Amazon #1 Best Seller. Donna has been lecturing internationally for many years on various subjects from How to Live an Abundant Life to Simple Meditation, she creates programs for organizations and individual groups that meets their needs. You can contact Donna to come and speak to your group. Donna can be reached at 908 688 7974 or 908 656 4375 View Guest page

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Donna Walker-Kuhne

Donna Walker-Kuhne is an Adjunct Professor instructing in Marketing the Arts at Brooklyn College, Columbia University, and New York University; however, her career began as an Assistant Corporation Counsel for the State of New York while she danced professionally on a part-time basis. Crediting her law background (Juris Doctor from Howard University School of Law, Washington D.C), with her ability to carry innovative programs to successful outcomes, Ms. Walker-Kuhne published her first book in the summer of 2005, Invitation to the Party: Building Bridges to Arts, Culture and Community. It has since become a top-selling, invaluable resource for today's non-profit arts' marketer, producer, and student. In 2009 and 2010, Walker's International Communications Group was awarded grants from the Theater Subdistrict Council to implement projects to diversify Broadway using socially and technology driven audience development initiatives. The first American to speak at national arts councils in both Singapore and Australia, Ms. Walker-Kuhne was invited by the National Arts Council of Singapore to teach a week-long workshop, and by the Australian Council on the Arts to do a three-city lecturing tour on the topic: Ethnic Diversity for Arts Organizations. Donna Walker-Kuhne utilizes her passion to see the arts flourish within our modern society. With her combined work of institutional marketing and her company, WICG, she has raised over $13 million in earned income promoting the arts to multicultural communities. Ms. Walker-Kuhne ensures the artistic visions of arts organizations are experienced by the artists and multicultural community, thus, increasing the growth of a diverse audience for the 21st century. View Guest page

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Alayjah Watson

Alayjah Watson has extensive experience in non-profit management and leadership training skills. Alayjah's expertise lies in recruiting, membership and staff development, volunteer engagement, fundraising and the managing of mentorship programs. In the past, she has been Co-Executive Director of the University of Southern California's Official Philanthropy Troy Camp, served on countless service centered boards and committees, and dedicated over 1000 hours to community based initiatives. As a result, she has excellent interpersonal skills and client relation decorum. She looks forward to expanding upon her knowledge and experience as a student studying Adult Learning and Leadership at Teachers College, Columbia University. Alayjah Watson has graduated with a Major in Theatre and Minor in Cinematic Arts from University of Southern California. She is a current master's degree candidate at Teacher's College studying Organization & Leadership with a focus on Adult Learning and Leadership. View Guest page

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Sheridan Watson

Sheridan Watson has been actively involved in multiple aspects of the entertainment, writing and marketing industries. Her expertise lies in creative endeavors, with extensive experience in the fashion, film/ television production, and journalism industries. In addition, she can utilize iMovie, FinalCutPro, Adobe Photoshop and InDesign, multiple social media sites as well as all Microsoft softwares to further her work. She worked as an Editor-in-Chief at Pose Magazine and Daily Trojan. Since August 2014 she is working Full-time Editorial position and as a Staff Writer at Buzzfeed. She is also writing and covering red carpet events for BuzzFeed. While studying at USC (University of Southern California) she was the first African American Editor-In-Chief of USC 100 year old Daily Trojan Newspaper. She has traveled around the world as Tyra Bank's First "Fiercely Real Model" for full size women. View Guest page

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Linda Wellbrock

Linda Wellbrock has an extensive marketing background from the financial industry working for leading financial institutions including UBS and Merrill Lynch. After earning her MBA in Entrepreneurial Studies, she entered the publishing industry where she served as Vice President of Business Development and Associate Publisher for a professional women’s publication. In addition to writing feature articles on some of the most influential women in the state, her responsibilities focused on managing sales efforts, launching events and developing and implementing effective marketing campaigns. Linda began her entrepreneurial path as a Co-founder of Own It Ventures, LLC (formerly known as Entrepreneur Expose’). Linda has been recognized by The Boy Scouts of America, Tribute to Women, on the New Jersey Monthly Magazine “List” and as one of Steve Adubato’s “New Jersey People.” Ms. Wellbrock has been featured on various news programs and media articles including: Fox 5 News, One on One, NJ.Com, New Jersey Monthly Magazine, and more. She was recently invited to be a judge for the Fairleigh Dickinson University, Family Business of the Year Award. She earned her MBA from Fairleigh Dickinson University and her undergraduate degree from Northeastern University. Linda was born and raised in New Jersey and is married and the proud mother of three children. View Guest page

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Dr. Deborah Williams

Dr. Deborah Williams, is the President and CEO of Her Game 2, Inc. an Apparel, Productions, and Talent Management company headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut. Williams, a native of Chicago Illinois, was a Summa Cum Laude graduate of Tougaloo College in Mississippi. She received her Masters and Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at the University of Georgia. Her Game 2 Productions has produced many of the largest fashion show events in the country, including HARLEM WEEK, The Circle of Sisters Fashion Show for WBLS Radio, Stamford Center for the Arts, and The NBA Wives Celebrity Fashion Show. Dr. Williams is the Founder of Behind The Bench: The National Basketball Wives Association. Recently, Ms Williams was selected as one of the 25 Most Influential African American Women In Business by The Network Journal. Most recently, Her Game 2 has entered the mass retail market as it bows at Macy’s Department Stores in August 2008. [/half][half_last]Williams has successfully negotiated an exclusive merchandise licensing agreement with the National Basketball Association, in addition to several college team licenses. Dr. Williams received the Black Rose Award for African American Entrepreneurs, and was voted a 1999 Woman At The Top of The Game; was named the Department of Commerce’s 2001 Business Enterprise of the Year; and the 2001 BRAG Award – “Business Innovator of the Year”. She has received the “Community Service Award” for her commitment to young women in the community through the “Linkages…to Excellence” program, which she founded through The Links, Inc. Dr. Williams has received a number of awards including being named 1991 “Woman of Distinction” by Ebony Man magazine, being crowned Mrs. USA 1990, Who’s Who among Colleges and Universities, Ms. Tougaloo College, and The Fred Hampton Image Award. She has also published an article in the Journal of Perceptual and Motor Skills. View Guest page

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Dwight C. Williams

Dwight C. Williams is founding director of the Northeast Regional Public Health Leadership Institute (NEPHLI), the New York State Department of Health’s Health Management Development Fellowship and founding chair of the Third Thursday Breakfast Broadcasting (T2B2), now entitled, Public Health Live (PHL). He is also a Clinical Professor in the Department of Health Policy, Management and Behavior and Director of the Undergraduate Public Health Major Program, School of Public Health, University at Albany. He teaches the graduate course in Public Health Leadership, the undergraduate course, Introduction to Public Health and is on the faculty at the Environmental Public Health Leadership Institute. He is a graduate of the Year 10 Class, National Public Health Leadership Institute, served as Chair of the Executive Committee and Co-Chair of the Strategies Workgroup for the National Public Health Leadership Development Network and Chair of the Public Health Leadership Society (PHLS), which links alumni of the national and regional public health leadership institutes to support lifelong learning. His research interests are in health equity and disparities and advocating for the inclusion of front-line community-based organizations as valuable partners to improve the health status of residents in vulnerable communities. As such he is Chair of the Board of Directors of the Capital District African-American Coalition on AIDS, faculty partner of the W. Haywood Burns Environmental Education Center, co-director/co-PI of the Journey Mentoring Program and team leader of the Community Health Survey. Dwight received his B.A. degree from Delaware State University, and M.S.W. from Rutgers University. He is married to Rosalina M. Williams and their son, a graduate of the Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania, Bryun Carlos and his wife, Marissa reside in Philadelphia. Dwight and his family serve God at the Friendship Baptist Church in Schenectady, New York. View Guest page

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Krysia Woods

Australian born artist Krysia D, has achieved widespread recognition in one-person and group exhibitions in Australia and the United States. Her bold and colorful images and vibrant still life paintings have been exhibited in high end galleries in New York, Florida, California, Connecticut, Illinois, and in Australia. Krysia was the first Australian to be contracted by the Wentworth Gallery, America’s largest gallery group.

Krysia’s colorful paintings, flamboyant personality and versatile career path of pharmacist, television presenter, model, and artist have landed her on covers of magazines and newspapers in her native Australia, and her paintings have recently graced the covers of magazines in New Jersey.

In 1999, Manhattan Arts International magazine honored Krysia with an Award of Merit for “Outstanding Achievement.” In 2003, she was invited to be a mentor for Australian Professionals in America, and the Australian Consulate General in New York City held a Retrospective Exhibition of her work. Krysia has been honored with inclusion in the 2004-2010 editions of “Who’s Who of American Women” and the 2006-2010 editions of “Who’s Who in America.”

Krysia’s work has appeared in many publications including Australian Artist, New Jersey Monthly, Australian House and Garden, Florida Design, Manhattan Arts International, New Jersey Star Ledger, Matters Magazine, The Madison Eagle, News Record of Maplewood and South Orange, Queensland Sunday Mail, and University of Queensland Contact Magazine. She has been featured as an artist on a number of Australian television stations and local New Jersey cable television. View Guest page

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Doris Young Boyer

Doris Young Boyer is a public speaker,an International Etiquette and Protocol expert, author and Human Resources professional who helps clients increase profits and productivity through proven leadership and communication strategies. Ms. Boyer works with organizations who want a workplace culture of civility and dynamic performance and with people who want the poise and polish to put their best foot forward in business and social situations. Her clients benefit from her exposure to all levels of the corporate experience and her international business travel. Ms. Boyer is CEO of A Sense of Grace which provides speeches, seminars and coaching on Social Graces and Business Protocols. She is an active Member of the National Speakers Association and Toastmasters. She has been quoted in prominent business publications, magazines and newspapers. Doris has appeared on radio and television. View Guest page

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Yamuna Zake

Yamuna Zake is a visionary: A master teacher and healer who has literally dedicated her life to understanding how the body works and helping others to create positive change in their bodies through what she has learned. Today, Yamuna is a world-renowned authority whose simple, yet profound methods have been proven beyond doubt. Yamuna is as exceptional as she is real; as intelligent as she is accessible; as generous as she is devoted. Her thinking and her methods are uniquely her own. She is not aligned with any popular theory or rhetoric. She lives her vision that a fully aligned body with all of its capacity for movement free and available is the most beautiful body possible. She is committed to sharing with others what it takes to know and love their bodies, and be better in them. View Guest page

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