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  • 1/28/2015: Mike Spangenberg Joins MaddieRose Listen Now
  • 1/21/2015: MaddieRose with Producer Bruce Solsten Listen Now
  • 1/14/2015: "The Fame Game with MaddieRose" we welcome Jim Ewing on air. Listen Now
  • 1/7/2015: MaddieRose Welcomes Robin Macy founder and creator of Vin-T Bikini. Listen Now

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Starr Belle

It is said that several thousand people a week move to the city of Nashville chasing their dreams of Country music stardom. The attrition rate is equal to that. However, there are a select few who are born and raised in Music City, USA with the nation's music born and bred in their heart and soul. Starr Belle is one such artist. With a destiny set at an early age near a radio listening to the Grand Ole Opry, there was something about that "country sound" which inspired Starr to sing. She states, "Music has taken over my heart. Scattered words and thoughts have poured out on paper, which have helped me become a songwriter." She is also a veteran of the fair and festival circuit, having performed at The Wilson County Fair in Lebanon, TN for the past 10 years.Starr's debut/country/pop album Refuse To Be Defused, was released to great fanfare in 2014. With a release party and performance held at B.B. King's Nashville, many famous faces were spotted in the crowd and left as fans. Radio is the next frontier to be conquered on Starr Belle's rise to the forefront of the industry, with 'Lovin' Up On You' hitting the Summer airwaves. - AOK Country Promotions, September 2014 View Guest page

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Anicia Bragg

Anicia Bragg has an impressive record of accomplishment. “Anything worth doing is worth overdoing,” she says. For Anicia, this is more than a mantra; it is a way of life. She began her career as a fashion model in New York City, and received her first major break when she became the National Spokesperson for Eastman Kodak. Anici is a columnist for Hollywood’s lifestyle maven, trendsetter and couture expert contributor are words used to describe Anicia. Armed with brains and beauty. Anicia has been a featured TV Host for HD Video Hollywood since 2012. She interviews celebrities on the red carpet and at award ceremonies on an as needed basis. In 2013/2014, Anicia is featured in Image Boutique Beverly Center ad campaigns. She has also been featured in a recent Lili’s of Beverly Hills 3 commercial, an upscale store specializing in dresses and evening gowns. Anicia is excited to announce she will also be launching her own brand “AniciaB” in 2015. With her full plate of past accomplishments and experience, she took the reins of her career and in now launching her own “Living Large with AniciaB” channel. On board are renowned Film Financier/Executive Producer, Lynwood Spinks and Co-Producers Heida Siegmund Cuda and Greg Montemurro. The knockout blow from the socialite is an unpretentious inspirational twist on men, fashion, travel and lifestyle. Anicia is producing a talk show platform with her A Bragg management team and producers in the comforts of her Bel Air estate. She will interview some of the top professionals in their field and educate viewers on their journey to the top along with their struggles along the way. As Anicia states: " Life is meant to be glamorous and fabulous and I'm here to prove it! View Guest page

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Mike Spangenberg Joins MaddieRose

January 28, 2015
Hosted by MaddieRose Holler

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Episode Description

"The Fame Game with MaddieRose," we welcome Mike Spangenberg to the microphone! Did you ever wonder how passion can meet fashion? Well State Forty Eight did just that. State Forty Eight is a unique and exciting Arizona brand growing each and everyday. Created by 3 passionate individuals, State Forty Eight was created and inspired by the great 48th state we know and love as Arizona. Mike talks us through the motivation behind the brand and what the experience has been like thus far. He even shares about his time at Phoenix Fashion Week last October! State Forty Eight is a clear favorite, and is definitely one of MaddieRose's! Don't miss this exclusive new episode with a brand new song of the week!

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The Fame Game

Wednesday at 5 PM Pacific Time on VoiceAmerica Kids Channel

Fame is not just for Hollywood stars, fame is in every walk of life. From doctors to teachers, to mentors and life heroes, Maddie will bring these incredible people together in one show, “The Fame Game.” You never know, you may be asked to join her! Everyone has a bit of fame in them! Great life stories, incredible journeys in life, it all comes together in, “The Fame Game” right here on the Voice America Kids Channel.

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MaddieRose Holler

MaddieRose Holler is the current reigning Miss Arizona’s Outstanding Teen. She is a sophomore at Imagine Prep where she is the Secretary of Student Council, President of Peer Mediation, a Member of the National Honor Society, and a Member on the Varsity Cheer Team.

Maddie is passionate about working and supporting our nation’s military and their families as well as our Nation’s youth. She is an avid singer and performer and for the past three years has been the proud host and producer of “The Fame Game," on the VoiceAmerica Kids Channel, and is also a co-host on "Women INVESTING in Women and GIRLS," also on the VoiceAmerica Kids channel.

On "The Fame Game," Maddie interviews guests from the world of entertainment and everyday life. Given her broad range of academic talents, professional expertise, and community service interests, Maddie was selected to be a Co-Host of the Women INVESTING in Women and Girls Global Radio Show. On this show, MaddieRose will be interviewing speakers from various Global WIIW Summits in 2014-2015 and aspires to pursue a major in political science and a minor in broadcast journalism, once she completes High School in Arizona.

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