Welcome to the VoiceAmerica Talk Radio Network! The number of people who listen to podcasts and live internet talk radio in the United States of America was 75 million. Statista predicts that this number would rise to 160 million by 2024, with a 17 percent growth between 2019 and 2023. These numbers are indicators of the strong influence and growing popularity of podcast and talk radio streaming. So what makes podcasts and talk radio shows so interesting? Podcasts save time; in a study conducted by Edison Research about podcast consumption in 2019, the most popular locations where people heard podcasts and internet talk radio shows was when people are involved in other tasks. Podcasts and live talk radio shows are an excellent way of catching up with the news. Most of the significant news firms have started their podcasts, making news talk radio very popular and reliable.

Popularity for Podcasts has Grown Over the Years

Podcasts are the most popular option for consumers after music. They are highly entertaining and often constitute a significant source of morning inspiration to many listeners. Apart from podcasts on music, food, and sports, there are many interviews, fiction, non-fiction storytelling, comedy, and even true-crime explorations on podcasts. There is also a rising demand for live podcasting, which has a vast listener base due to the wide variety of topics that it engages. Live talk radio has a thrill of its own; it creates a connection between people, not celebrities or heroes, but just witty and funny people to who the listeners can relate to.

Why are Influencer Podcasts gaining so much popularity?

The personal touch of podcasts and live talk radio is behind its exponential growth over the past years. Podcasts and internet talk radio inspire listeners and create a lasting impact on them. This is what VoiceAmerica aims to do for people in the USA and the population across the globe. Through hundreds of our original programs, you can listen to podcasts online, for free, wherever you are and whenever you want. Over the last twenty-two years, we have been the pioneer in live internet talk radio and podcast streaming. VoiceAmerica has helped to transform the lives of millions across the globe. We are expanding rapidly in domestic and international circuits due to our wide variety of shows across five branded channels: VoiceAmerica Variety, VoiceAmerica Empowerment, VoiceAmerica Health & Wellness, VoiceAmerica Business, VoiceAmerica INFLUENCERS. Each of our channels has a dedicated theme of its own, allowing the listener to choose conversations and discussions that empower them. Visit us today to know more about VoiceAmerica and listen to talk radio podcasts for free!

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