A depth of experience. A passion for radio—and communications in general. An eye toward the future. That defines our management team. While we’re at the cutting-edge of technology and pushing the bounds of Internet-based radio, we’re organized similarly to terrestrial networks, with a whole cadre of executive producers shepherding content to listeners. But here’s a peek at our highest level executives:


Jeff Spenard President, Internet Radio Division (iRadio) Email:
Phone: 480-294-6417
Ryan Treasure VP of Broadcast Operations Email:
Phone: 480-294-6420
Sandra L. Rogers Network Director Email:
Phone: 480-553-5756
Jeffrey Gerstl Director of Host Services Email:
Phone: 619-328-0971
Randy Jackman Production Manager Email:
Lucas Spenard Research Manager Email:
Phone: 480-553-5785

Senior Executive Producers

Jon Missall Director of TV Programming Email:
Phone: 480-294-6419
Robert Ciolino Email:
Phone: 480-553-5770
Karen Dana Email:
Phone: 480-628-5752
Ray Ellis Email:
Phone: 480-553-5755
Randall Libero Email:
Phone: 480-553-5743
Winston Price Email:
Phone: 480-553-5752
Tacy Trump Email:
Phone: 480-294-6421

Executive Producers

Thomas Burrows Email:
Phone: 480-553-5758
Dee Daniels Email:
Phone: 480-553-5741
Drexel Dawson Email:
Phone: 480-553-5734
Fiona King Email:
Phone: 480-294-6410
Jeannie Morem Email:
Phone: 480-553-5787
Camille Nash Email:
Phone: 480-553-5757
Lorne Ray Email:
Phone: 480-370-8908