Welcome to Business Rules... get to know the 3 rules!

September 13, 2017
Hosted by Peter Feinstein

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Episode Description

Welcome to the "first-ever" Business Rules, with Peter Feinstein... like that's supposed to mean something to you, right? Don't you hate it when you see a commercial on TV that says 'the first-ever..."? I do. If it's the first-ever, just how meaningful can it be for me? If it's the first-ever, is it supposed to be a game-changer? That seems to be the message - except there's rarely any context from which to understand what the big deal is for the "First-ever". So let's just skip the first ever, and instead let's dig into the 3 Rules of Business... know 'em, accept 'em and win with them. You're going to hear my version of these 3 Rules, what they mean to me, and how they can be meaningful for you. We'll talk about how you can use them to power your business right now, how you can make them work for you, and everyone you do business with! Don't miss the first-ever Business Rules with Peter Feinstein... simply because it WILL be a game-changer for you!

Business Rules with Peter Feinstein

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If you’ve ever been afraid of losing out on business because you don’t seem to understand the rules, you’ve come to the right radio show. Business Rules with Peter Feinstein tackles the nuts and bolts of business, from down in the trenches, with you. Each week we’ll look at business through the eyes of our special guests. Our goal is to entertain you with the bold and the brash, and challenge your point-of-view by bringing you wildly successful people who really know what they’re talking about, because they live it and breathe it every day. No posers here, only folks who talk the talk, but more importantly, walk the walk. Get revved up to hear answers to questions that may shock you, and will certainly surprise you, and help you see that you have nothing to fear in business, once you understand the rules. You can approach commerce with a conscience, and let yourself lose a battle here and there, knowing that you will always win the war! That’s how Business Rules, with Peter Feinstein.

Peter Feinstein

Ever an innovator, Peter Feinstein finds uncanny ways of staying ahead of the curve, and truly seeing what’s next. He’s been on the forefront of predicting the changes in advertising media, detailing his vision of the shifts in TV and radio, while correctly pegging the meteoric rise in spending in online advertising as potentially flawed and dangerous to business. His thought leadership as an influencer has earned him recognition from the BBB as a nine-time nominee for their Torch Award for Business Ethics, and his being tapped to serve on the DRMA’s Response Advisory Board. His status as a thought leader on the rules of business made him a compelling choice for these honors. Feinstein’s founding of Higher Power Marketing was based on the principle of “Commerce with a Conscience,” a mantra that influences everything his company does. The results include the company earning an A-plus rating with the BBB and guiding his company to the title of Best of Business of Phoenix Advertising Agencies in 2009 and 2014 and as an INC Top 5000 company. While many in business talk about thinking outside the box, Peter is accustomed to using what’s in the box, i.e., common-sense, to help fuel his success. Feinstein’s standard is a client-centric, values-driven approach to problem solving. The results are clear, simple and self-evident. Peter’s relationships profit from his ways and means. Just ask anyone who’s worked with him, they know it. They’ll confirm it, as you will too, every week.

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