How 1 Plus1 Equals 1,000, and How That Can Transform Your Life!

November 15, 2017
Hosted by Peter Feinstein

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For 17+ years Charlie Fusco has been bold, brash and I dare say ballsy. In just this last year, she announced the start of a new venture called Smarter Voice Media. Seeking to become more than a 1 stop shop for everything in direct response product marketing, we're going to learn firsthand how Charlie has bent, or flat-out broke the rules of business... not for her own good, but because breaking them meant she would be able to super-serve her clients with products and services that have never been brought together under one roof, in one offering. Stay close to your radio, bringing your ears to the transistor... and bring a pad of paper and pen, or your ipad, because you're going to want to take notes on how Charlie's use of her innate intelligence, and partnership some equally powerful people is serving up what's next in direct response business advertising services!

Business Rules with Peter Feinstein

Business Rules with Peter Feinstein

Wednesday at 8 AM Pacific Time on VoiceAmerica Empowement Channel

If you’ve ever been afraid of losing out on business because you don’t seem to understand the rules, you’ve come to the right radio show. Business Rules with Peter Feinstein tackles the nuts and bolts of business, from down in the trenches, with you. Each week we’ll look at business through the eyes of our special guests. Our goal is to entertain you with the bold and the brash, and challenge your point-of-view by bringing you wildly successful people who really know what they’re talking about, because they live it and breathe it every day. No posers here, only folks who talk the talk, but more importantly, walk the walk. Get revved up to hear answers to questions that may shock you, and will certainly surprise you, and help you see that you have nothing to fear in business, once you understand the rules. You can approach commerce with a conscience, and let yourself lose a battle here and there, knowing that you will always win the war! That’s how Business Rules, with Peter Feinstein.

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Peter Feinstein

Peter Feinstein

Ever an innovator, Peter Feinstein finds uncanny ways of staying ahead of the curve, and truly seeing what’s next. He’s been on the forefront of predicting the changes in advertising media, detailing his vision of the shifts in TV and radio, while correctly pegging the meteoric rise in spending in online advertising as potentially flawed and dangerous to business. His thought leadership as an influencer has earned him recognition from the BBB as a nine-time nominee for their Torch Award for Business Ethics, and his being tapped to serve on the DRMA’s Response Advisory Board. His status as a thought leader on the rules of business made him a compelling choice for these honors. Feinstein’s founding of Higher Power Marketing was based on the principle of “Commerce with a Conscience,” a mantra that influences everything his company does. The results include the company earning an A-plus rating with the BBB and guiding his company to the title of Best of Business of Phoenix Advertising Agencies in 2009 and 2014 and as an INC Top 5000 company. While many in business talk about thinking outside the box, Peter is accustomed to using what’s in the box, i.e., common-sense, to help fuel his success. Feinstein’s standard is a client-centric, values-driven approach to problem solving. The results are clear, simple and self-evident. Peter’s relationships profit from his ways and means. Just ask anyone who’s worked with him, they know it. They’ll confirm it, as you will too, every week.

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October 2017

Renie Cavallari

About Renie Cavallari - Renie Cavallari is the CEO and Chief Instigating Officer of Aspire. People. Performance. Profits. Her latest book “Aspire to… Shine” ( is the third in a series of “Aspire to…” books that motivates readers to inspire the world around them by discovering their true potential. As a business leader, strategist and public speaker, she is best known for her ability to collaborate with teams of employers and employees to inspire successful change and unleash uncharted possibilities for their businesses. Guest Renie Cavallari

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Dr. Cherylanne DeVita, Ph.D.

Cherylanne is President and CEO of DeVita International, Inc. a manufacturing company specializing in all natural, vegan cosmetics and personal care products. After leaving traditional medical school, she co-founded a training program for alternative therapeutic modalities for primary health care practitioners in Arizona, which received recognition and licensing by the Arizona State Board for Private Postsecondary Education.
In 1995, Certified Aromatherapy was introduced into her Institute as intense interest in Essential Oils and their affect upon the body, mind, and emotions led her to assemble over 130 different varieties of high quality essentials for use by the students in aromatherapy programs nationwide.
Dr. DeVita is a published author, national lecturer and a frequent guest on television and radio. She has been quoted and cited as an expert in her field by many authorities in the field of holistic health. For two years, Cherylanne was heard live every Thursday morning Guest Dr. Cherylanne DeVita, Ph.D.

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Luke Ford

Mr. Ford is responsible for the vision, direction, strategy and operations of the Company. Mr. Ford has 20 years of experience in the information technology business in sales, marketing, channels, product development, and leadership positions. He has held leadership and executive positions at IBM, EDS and Capgemini Ernst and Young LLC. Mr. Ford launched new business ventures for IBM in both Mexico City, Mexico and Budapest, Hungary. Mr. Ford holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Finance from the University of Arizona and an MBA from Thunderbird, The Garvin School of International Management. Guest Luke Ford

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Charlie Fusco

Smarter Voice Media is the brainchild of Charlie R. Fusco and Michael R. Drew whose mission is to help authors, speakers, entrepreneurs, product marketers, and influencers AMPLIFY their product/service/message using a unique VOICE that is SEEN, HEARD, and MONETIZED at a massive scale. Charlie brings 17 years of direct response mastery in TV/Radio and Retail together with Michael's 17 years in leading the book marketing and platform building industry. Combining their teams, systems, creative minds, and relationship capital, the duo has built a rock star team that uses Quantum Media to scale businesses in every category from a TV infomercial to a New York Times Best Selling Book. Guest Charlie Fusco

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Shari Gibons

Throughout her professional life, Shari Gibbons has demonstrated herself to be a growth-driven leader with success increasing revenue and driving profitability improvements in rapidly changing competitive environments from brand leaders including Merck, Warner Bros. and Kaplan Test Prep & Admissions, to start-up companies like National Lampoon Radio & Comedy Express Television, and non-profits such as Woodbury University.
Ms. Gibbons has successfully led complex marketing & operations through effective project management, brand strategy & marketing implementations, strategic planning, and partnership building. An expert in developing and mentoring teams, driving continuous improvements to accelerate growth, creating efficiencies, and revitalizing failing operations, she is committed to improving bottom-line profitability while achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Guest Shari Gibons

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Brandon Harris

Brandon Harris is a movement coach and co-Founder and co-owner of premier fitness systems in Scottsdale Arizona. Brandon works with NFL, PGA, LPGA, UFC, MLB athletes as well as regular folk, to enhance their performance and movement intelligence. Brandon founded Premier Fitness Systems in 2010 with his best friend Greg McLean. His passion is movement and believes that the quality of movement is just as essential to our quality of life as the quality of our nutrition. Over the years Brandon has come to understand that movement is bigger than fitness and training. He’s come to witness that good movement literally has the ability to have a positive effect on our DNA. That is big! Guest Brandon Harris

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Gary Laney

Gary is CEO of Trustegrity, an invitation only, fee-based membership community of entrepreneurs, business professionals and trusted advisors. Gary is the Principal of Success Masters LLC, a holding company that has investment interests in business networking, online media, e-commerce and intellectual property. A 35-year veteran of sales, marketing and professional service. Background covers domain expertise in Business Networking, Sales Process, CRM, Business Process Management, Content/Document Management, and Search. Domain expertise is well founded in industries such as retail, e-commerce, financial services, hi-tech software, telecommunications, and publishing and over 4 years as a professional speaker on the seminar circuit speaking to over 100,000 attendees. A Triple Major MBA from Northwestern/Kellogg in Finance, Marketing and Policy.
A dynamic speaker, recognized as a top sales presenter, motivating audiences from personal experience as a manager, sales person and executive. Guest Gary Laney

Episode Listing:

Jay Steven Levin

From living as a Monk in a secluded forest monastery to sales and operations in media (publishing, radio, television, internet and social media), marketing and advertising network Jay has sat on both sides of the executive desk as Sales SVP, CMO, President and COO some of most powerful private and enterprise global brands on the planet including AOL, Warner Books, Cox Communications, FOX TV, Clear Channel Radio, Oracle, Hewlett Packard, Carrabas Restaurant Group, leading wine and spirits distributors and commercial real estate leaders.
Jay has over 30 years of ground breaking, winning sales victories and profitable operations experience leading high achieving teams for over 30 years.
Jay understands how what’s needed to win in business. His clients relay on his ability to leverage a data-driven, scientific approach to increasing organizational, behavioral, motivational, acumen, skill and emotional intelligence to bring about better than expected outcome advantages. Guest Jay Steven Levin

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Shaun Mahoney

For the past 7 years Shaun Mahoney has been the new business development master at Higher Power Marketing (HPM), a position which transformed, over time, to a full-on general management role for the company. His works has yielded an important cultural alignment, increased sales and delivered cost-savings efficiencies. Before joining the agency ranks, Shaun was a client-side specialist…with Find Your Customers (FYC)/Web Yes in Austin, TX.
Mr. Mahoney brings over two decades of Sales, Media, and Management expertise in the call center and advertising industries. Before WebYes/FYC, he was Vice-President of Print Media for an Austin call center, helping scale the operation from $1,000 per day to over $1 million per month in less than one year.
Shaun has held several sales and media leadership roles with various call centers in California as well. He joined HPM with the mission of discovering and delivering best fitting clients for our “Commerce with a Conscience” media platform! Guest Shaun Mahoney

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Buck Robinson

Buck Robinson is an accomplished entrepreneur and marketing professional with over 20 years of experience launching successful marketing companies. His latest venture is also his most exciting – Outdoor Access has been called the “Air BnB of the outdoors,” and it helps bring together the best aspects of several established shared economy models to benefit the $800+ BILLION dollar outdoor recreation industry by making private land available for fractional recreational use. When he’s not working on his start-up, Buck enjoys getting into the outdoors himself – he is a passionate hunter and angler, but his true love is sharing the beauty of the outdoors with his wife and three kids. Guest Buck Robinson

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Steve Russell

Steve Russell has been selling real estate in Arizona since 2007.
After initially selling commercial properties, Steve made the switch to residential real estate in 2009, where his early success earned him the honor of being Keller Williams Arizona Realty’s “Rookie Agent of the Year” in 2010.
This Minnesota native has remained a “Top 20” agent in his office while helping his clients from across the county buy and sell millions of dollars in investment properties, land, retirement homes and primary residences.
Prior to his real estate career, Steve had a successful sports and news broadcasting career, where he earned two television Emmy awards for his work.
When he’s not selling real estate, the Michigan State alum practices Yoga, plays golf, OrangeTheory Fitness, hikes, runs and passionately cheers for his Minnesota sports teams! Guest Steve Russell

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Adam Warren

Born in Queens, NY in 1971, Adam is a graduate of SW Texas State University, with a BFA in Theater. To his credit, he co-wrote/produced/starred in the independent feature film RHINOS. The movie won Best Feature at the 1999 New York International Independent Film & Video Festival and was the Runner-Up Best Feature at the 1998 Flagstaff Film Festival. Now CEO and Co-Founder of OpenJar Concepts, an ad agency, Adam still makes time to be creative, with family at the peak of his daily life. Living in beautiful Temecula, CA with his wife and two daughters, the girls are why the bullying was chosen for his book’s subject. Adam himself remembers being chased and bullied as a child, and both of his girls have dealt with bullying. Driven by creativity, Adam has tried everything from movie-making to music production, and now writing. The idea of telling a story to children with animals in clothing is a new frontier for Mr. Warren, yet he’s already dreaming of his next book! Guest Adam Warren

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