Let's Call Off the War on One Another! Let's Talk with Beth Green

November 2, 2017
Hosted by Helen Hillix, Todd Benton and Chris Reese

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Beth Green claims that our society is waging war against us. The White House proposed tax cuts are supposed to help the majority of Americans, yet more than 2/3 of the benefits would go to the top 1%. Income keeps floating to the top. In 1965 CEOs earned 20 times the amount earned by typical workers in their industries. Now they earn nearly 300 times more. The minimum wage isn’t keeping up. From 1973 to 2013, productivity rose 74%, but earnings rose only 9%. Collective bargaining has been gutted. Economic and trade policies have allowed business to exploit the less powerful. Our air, water and soil are being raped. We’re stressed and insecure. The question isn’t whether or not our well-being is being eroded. The question is why we put up with it. Our guest says it’s because we are distracted by fighting for our gender, race, religion, party, culture or geographic region instead of fighting for a future that brings economic, physical and social well being to us all. Can we change that?

Inner Revolutionary Radio

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You count! Your voice, compassion and dedication to doing the right thing are part and parcel of the Inner Revolution that is sweeping our world, and Inner Revolutionary Radio is your platform. We may not be perfect, but we are standing up to mindless conformity, facing our negative patterns and beliefs, working together to make this a better world. Inner Revolutionary Radio gives us a voice and a way of joining forces. We share a vision: a recognition of our Oneness with one another and the planet; an acknowledgement of our Accountability for our impact on ourselves and each other; a dedication to Mutual Support, knowing that we can’t thrive in a world that is not also thriving. And we’re developing the courage to stand up to all tyrannies, even those in our heads. Each week we offer News of the Inner Revolution and introduce you to guests who are shaking up the world. Tune in, participate, and support this vision.

Helen Hillix, Todd Benton and Chris Reese

Helen Hillix, Todd Benton and Chris Reese met many years ago, when our journeys for inner healing brought us to the InnerRevolution.Org. Under the guidance of Beth Green, the organization’s founder, we evolved into spiritual activists who support the three principles of The Inner Revolution: Oneness, Accountability and Mutual support – in all areas of life. Ultimately, there is no personal healing; no one person can be well in a world where others are suffering. It takes a collective shift in awareness for sustainable change and for everyone to thrive. InnerRevolutionary radio was Beth Green’s baby, and now it’s our turn to nurture this platform and share the vision: gathering others and sharing work that is being done around the world under many different banners to bring more consciousness into personal, political, spiritual and business arenas. As co-hosts of InnerRevolutionary Radio, Helen, Todd and Chris bring you a weekly opportunity to confront mindless traditions, look at how we separate from one another, and learn to transform our thinking. And, once a month we interview Beth, who is an amazingly wise, compassionate, and funny woman. We have day jobs too: Helen is an intuitive counselor, Todd a web developer, and Chris is an insurance industry executive. Each of us practices the principles of Oneness, Accountability and Mutual Support in all aspects of our lives. It’s a ride, with ups and downs, and worth every minute of it! Join us to learn, laugh and evolve.

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